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Surgeon fined $3,000 for removing woman’s healthy kidney he'd mistaken for a tumor

A Florida surgeon who cut out a woman’s kidney after mistaking it for a tumor, is to pay a fine of $3,000 and undergo extra training on preoperative patient evaluation, reports say. He hadn’t properly read medical records before the operation.

Ramon Vazquez made the blunder during a surgical procedure at the Wellington Regional Medical Center in April 2016. The man was tasked with cutting female patient Maureen Pacheco open so that two other surgeons could perform a back operation on her.

But he noticed an abnormality, which he himself hastily diagnosed as “gynecological malignancy, lymphoma and/or other metastatic disease,” an administrative complaint by the Florida Department of Health reads. Vazquez decided to act on the alleged tumor without informing the patient. As result, the pelvic mass he discovered “was clipped, transected and removed in its entirety.”

But a pathologist at the hospital later made a shocking revelation the removed mass actually “was an intact pelvic kidney.”…

South Korean Olympic champion assaulted by coach - court hears

South Korean short-track champion Shim Suk-hee has revealed that she was subjected to systematic physical abuse for more than 10 years in a court testimony given against her coach Cho Jae-beon.

The 21-year-old skater detailed horrific scenes from her training process, adding that the coach’s brutality resulted in numerous injuries, including broken bones and concussion.

South Korea's Shim Suk Hee © Global Look Press / Yang Shiyao
“When I was in fourth grade, I suffered broken fingers after getting stuck by an ice hockey stick,” she said while attending an appeal trial at the Suwon District Court in South Korea.

Shim, who won three medals at the Sochi Olympics, said that her coach’s horrible attacks started when she was just eight, and lasted until the Pyeongchang Winter Games when the skater sustained a concussion after being hit in the head.

“Before the Pyeongchang Olympics, he kicked and punched me so hard that I thought I was going to die,” Shim said. “I had a concussion after…

Househelp disconnects CCTV, breaks into boss’ bedroom

A CCTV camera

A househelp, Usang Bassey, aka Ben Peters,  who was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for breaking into his employer’s bedroom and stealing valuables,  has revealed that he duplicated the bedroom key to gain access.

Narrating how he committed the crime, Vanguard reports, Usang Bassey Effiong,  who committed the act 11 days after he was employed, said: “I noted where Mr. Okoye usually hide his bedroom key and to gain access to the room, I went ahead and made a copy of the key.

“Before I broke into their bedroom, I disconnected the CCTV camera so that I won’t be detected.

“Afterward, I stole their valuables and thereafter, drove off with their car.

Robbing the couple was easy for  the house help they dismissed before employing me, one Matthew Johnson Abam,  was a member of our gang. He had     furnished me with relevant information about the couple even before I came to live with them”.

It was learned that Seventy-three-year-old retiree, Mr. Alexander Okoye, and …

Opinion: Has Nigeria still got football talents?

Magical Jay Jay Okocha on the ball Over the years, the number of Nigerian footballers in Europe’s top flight has drastically reduced. Especially with the curtain drawn on the careers of all the golden generation of the 90s, those who managed to come through the ranks and appear to be on their way to become their successors have found their shoes difficult to fill.
They have continually struggle to maintain their place in their various club sides. Many now use ‘customized seat belt’ on the reserved benches of even their middle of the pack teams to borrow OAP Shawn Amadi’s famous phrase, while many more have been reduced to mere squad players good only as training materials.
Alternatively, many has either resort to plying their trades in some of Europe’s football backwaters (not entirely a bad ideas, though, if only for developmental and transitional purposes) or in the less competitive but lucrative leagues in Asia.
Okocha juggles the ball It is worthy of note that three marquee players…

Ex-U.S. Senate security official jailed for two months for leaks

Image for representation only

A former security chief for the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee was sentenced on Thursday to two months in jail for lying to investigators about his contacts with journalists.

According to reuters, James Wolfe, 58, pleaded guilty in October to a charge that he lied to the FBI about contacts that he had with reporters. At the time, prosecutors indicated that two further counts of making false statements would later be dismissed.

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., handed down the prison sentence at a hearing, although leading intelligence committee Republicans and Democrats both wrote to the court urging leniency.

Wolfe was not accused of leaking classified materials. However, in pleading guilty, he acknowledged that he did share non-public information with a reporter using Signal, an encrypted internet application, regarding a witness who had been subpoenaed to appear before the Intelligence Committee.

Wolfe is one of several government officials to …

Joshua gets OBE, sets sights on possible WBC match up with Wilder at Wembley

Upon receiving the OBE at Buckingham Palace for services to sport, WBO, IBF and WBA champion Anthony Joshua set his sights on another prize - Deontay Wilder's all-important WBC belt, to complete his heavyweight title set.

Joshua was presented the OBE - a Queen's honor and short for 'Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire' - by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, on Thursday, but straight away spoke of his desire to win the only trinket to evade his current collection of belts, Wilder's WBC title, on his quest to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

Joshua's next date is scheduled for April 13 at London's iconic Wembley Stadium, and the Briton's desired opponent to fight on that hallowed turf would be Alabama-native Wilder, the only opponent Joshua claims could guarantee a sell-out.

The 29-year-old told reporters at Buckingham Palace that Wilder was: "the reason why I've booked Wembley is to face Wilder, so if it…

Issue: On The Politics of Being Mortal by Ade-Ajayi

Late emeritus prof. Ade-Ajayi

Not counting my student days, 1947-1951, I’ve spent my life on university campuses in Nigeria, both at University of Ibadan and at Lagos. These are residential Universities where faculty, staff, students, workers, and their families live, and they have, inevitably, become communities, with a multicultural ethos of their own. Often enough, we have had to arrange funerals. The University of Ibadan has its own cemetery, while a public cemetery lies close to the gates of the University of Lagos.
In the 1960s, when expatriate community was still large, a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology died at the University of Ibadan at the age of 50. He had been very popular and many women on campus, both Nigerian and expatriate, were his patients. He had not been much of a churchgoer, and there was some awkwardness about arranging a secular funeral for him. He was a South African-Indian origin but had completed his medical education in Britain, and his wife was Engli…

Escort was killed in self-defense, banker claims he attacked woman after she strangled him

© Facebook Christina Eliisa Abbotts

A banker accused of murdering Christina Abbotts, an escort, bludgeoning her to death with a pestle has told a court he was acting in self-defense, doing “everything possible” to stop her trying to kill him.

Zahid Naseem denies murdering Abbotts, whose body was found on her 29th birthday this May.

The banker is accused of striking her intentionally 13 times on the back of the head with the pestle during a cocaine fueled evening. The incident occurred while Naseem was house sitting a flat in Crawley, West Sussex.

Giving evidence to Lewes crown court, Monday, Naseem wept as he admitted that while he inflicted the injuries they were done in self-defense.

Previously the banker had claimed to have awoken to find Abbotts dead, having “no idea” as to what had happened.

While Abbotts told family she worked in IT in London, she was secretly working advertising services on On the site she listed BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submi…

Nightmare before Christmas as 'Santa' dies at kindergarten party

A New Year party at a kindergarten ended in a traumatic experience for the kids as an actor impersonating Father Frost, the Russian counterpart of Santa Claus, experienced heart problems during performance after which he died.

The moods were festive at a daycare center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo. The children, all dressed up in costumes of bunnies and snowflakes, sang songs and danced around the brightly decorated New Year’s tree.

The 4-year-olds were a bit nervous to recite the poems they’ve learnt before Father Frost himself. But suddenly the guest of honor, wearing a white beard, a massive hat and a warm red-colored coat, felt sick.

The actor, impersonating Father Frost, “complained about pain in the chest,” a witness of the tragedy said.

An ambulance was called, but the 67-year-old died in an emergency vehicle on his way to hospital.

The late Valery Titonenko worked as an actor at Kemerovo’s Music Theatre.

He’s been a regular Father Frost at the kindergarten in recent years…

Issues: On The Politics of Being Religious by Deji Olaluwe

Nigeria definitely is not the country with the most religions in the world. The honor I’m aware belongs to India. It must be acknowledged, however, that it boasts a sizable number too. If I'm correct,the Yoruba nation alone has more than 200 hundred deities that are being worshipped. If you add that to whatever number from other ethnic nationalities, the figure could reach up to a thousand or more. This is in addition to Islam and Christianity which interestingly have overtaken the traditional religions in order of national political importance.
To buttress my point, in states like Lagos, Kano and Kaduna to mention a few, there is at least one religious facility belonging to either Islam or Christianity within a half kilometer or less drive of every street. Unlike in India with staggering 3000 religions, and still they plays no direct role in their body polity; religion has continues to have an increasing impact in Nigeria’s body polity whereas the constitution clearly designates h…

Lagos to Minna by Rail: The Good, The Bad, The ugly.

Headquarter of Nigerian Railway Corporation
I had my first travel on steel wheels in the late eighties as a teenager from Abeokuta to Lagos when I think Nigeria hasn’t lost all of her innocence. It was during one of those long holidays back then. And I could remember the trip was memorably glitches free and excitement packed as well. Now I can’t recollect where exactly I went or disembarked but I know I went to spend my holiday with beloveds from my maternal side.
I also had pocket of experiences commuting by rail in the early nineties shuttling from Ikeja and Ikoyi in Lagos on a daily basis working at a now defunct AP gas station managed by an in-law, blessed his soul in ascent.
The most recent, however was between 2012 and 2014 as a student of the National Open University of Nigeria and it was In the bid to cut down on associated stress that comes with going for examination because I then lived somewhere in Ogun State. The experience was nowhere comparable to what I had seen in ti…

Man sentenced to 14 years in jail for chopping off ex-wife's hand, ordered to pay damages [photos]

A high-profile crime of jealousy, kidnapping and mutilation in Russia is one step closer to an end after a court in Moscow Region sentenced a man to a lengthy jail term for chopping off the hands of his now-ex-wife.

The story of Dmitry and Margarita Grachev shocked the country in December of last year. As their marriage was crumbling, Dmitry became increasingly paranoid and jealous. He finally decided that he would rather cripple his wife than let her go. So he drove her to a forest, chopped off her hands, took her to the hospital, and went to the police to surrender.

On Thursday, a court in the city of Serpukhov near the Russian capital sentenced Grachev to 14 years in a high-security prison. He was also ordered to pay about US$35,000 in damages to Margarita.

Dmitry during a court session. Screenshot from a video. The young woman, who is now divorced, attended the hearings. After sentencing, she said she had expected a harsher punishment.

Prosecutors asked for Grachev to be …

Premier League confirms introduction of VAR technology from 2019/20 season - reports

After initially holding off implimenting the technology, the Premier League have finally announced it will debut VAR comes 2019 season pending a go ahead from The International Football Association Board (The IFAB), reports say.

This is possible because the league's 20 clubs have agreed 'in principle'.

A statement released on Thursday revealed that a Shareholders’ Meeting had been held in which "key learnings" from VAR implementation in leagues around the world, including Spain, as well as the FA Cup and League Cup in England, were discussed in detail.

The statement read: "The Premier League’s non-live testing programme will remain in place for the rest of this season, with a continued emphasis on those Saturday afternoons which have several matches being played concurrently, and developing a clear protocol for communicating VAR decisions to fans.

"The League will now formally make a request to the International Football Association Board and FIFA to u…

How 2 bronze statues were confirmed as Michelangelo’s work - reports

The Renaissance artist Michelangelo has finally been revealed to be the creator of two disputed Rothschild bronze statues, thanks to a careful study of the statue’s pubic hair, weird toes and killer abs.

In an investigation that took almost four years, a team of researchers supported by the University of Cambridge set out to confirm what had been believed to be a sensational claim made by a museum, that two privately owned statues were the work of the iconic artist.

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge first made its case in 2015, about the two statues of muscled, naked men mounted on panther-like animals. This week, the proof was provided to back it up.

The bronze statues carry significant markers of a Michelangelo creation. This includes unusually shaped feet, with the short big toe and outward pointing second toe, that is so common in both Michelangelo’s sculptures and drawings.

The pubic hair was tied to Michelangelo’s work too, because it is “rather curly, unruly and normal,” acc…

'Porn lawyer' Avenatti reportedly arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Controversial attorney Michael Avenatti, who represented adult film actress Stormy Daniels and claimed Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a gang rapist, was arrested on allegations of felony domestic violence in Los Angeles.

Avenatti was arrested at an apartment complex in Century City, celebrity gossip outlet TMZ reported on Wednesday afternoon, citing unnamed law enforcement sources.

A woman filed a police report saying that Avenatti hit her, and TMZ’s sources described her face as “swollen and bruised” with “red marks” on both cheeks.

“A report for domestic violence was taken yesterday and an individual has been arrested for that report today and he is in the process of being booked,” a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told The Hill. Multiple other news outlets have confirmed that Avenatti was the one arrested.

In a rather stand your ground defense! “He was said to have screamed repeatedly, "She hit me first." "This is bulls***, this is f***ing bulls***."


Pope Francis equates gossiping with terrorism, likens tongue to a knife that kills

In a strongly worded warning, Pope Francis decried gossip as a form of “terrorism” which destroys reputations, and said that fake news is a modern day scourge of the church faithful.

During his Wednesday address to the general public in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope explored the eighth commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

“We all live by communicating, and we are continuously on the edge between truth and lies,” Francis said, adding that misinformation is inherently dangerous “because the tongue kills like a knife.”

The media-savvy pontiff is known for using hyperbolic speech to emphasize a point, and potentially steal a few headlines in the process, especially as his church is beset with a growing number of child sex abuse scandals.

He went one step further on Wednesday in reiterating previous remarks in which he equated gossipers and liars to terrorists:

 “Gossipers are terrorists because with their tongues they they drop a bomb and then leave, and …

#Leak scandal: Kante wants 'normal salary' and not 'offshore payment' from Chelsea - report claims

French midfielder N’Golo Kante’s reputation as a firm football fan favorite is set to go up a notch after claims he rejected offshore payments from Chelsea in favor of “a normal salary.”

French investigative outlet Mediapart has published claims as part of the Football Leaks scandal that Kante rejected the chance to have a portion of his Chelsea salary paid under potentially more advantageous tax terms.

"N'Golo is inflexible, he simply wants a normal salary," Kante's tax adviser reportedly wrote in a May 2017 email to Chelsea executives.

"After reading numerous press articles on image rights and tax investigations against players and clubs, N'Golo is increasingly concerned that the set-up proposed to him could be questioned by the tax authorities.

"N'Golo decided that he did not want to take any risks," the email added, according to AFP.

French outlet L’Equipe reports that an agreement was allegedly reached to pay image rights only through a B…

Israeli Defense Minister resigns, condemns Gaza ceasefire as ‘surrender to terror’

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has resigned in protest against Gaza ceasefire, calling the deal a "capitulation to terror." His right-wing party, Yisrael Beiteinu, will also leave the ruling coalition.

In a live televised address, Liberman called yesterday’s ceasefire a “surrender to terror” that only achieves “short-term quiet” while in the long term damaging Israel’s security.” A writer for Haaretz said that the ex-defense minister “looked quite cheerful” as he announced his resignation.

Lieberman strongly opposed the Israeli government’s decision to agree a truce with Hamas, apparently arguing that Tel Aviv should take “harsh, decisive” actions against Gaza. He said he was compelled to resign because he could not reconcile his own views with the policies adopted by the Israeli government in Gaza.

“If I had remained in post, I couldn’t have looked in the eyes of our citizens in the south and the family members of the dead IDF soldiers whose bodies are held by H…

Man, 36, arrested for allegedly defiling 7year-old girl

Police on Tuesday, arrested a 36-year- old man for allegedly defiling a 7- year-old girl in Nansana, Uganda.

Daniel Kasule, resident of Ganda Nansana was arrested and detained at Nansana Police Station after a case of aggravated defilement was opened by Teddy Nakimbugwe, mother of the victim and a fish trader at Jenina stage.

It is alleged that while the mother of the victim was away from home, Kasule called the young girl to his room, defiled her and after gave her a Shs 500 coin not to report him to anyone.

Nakimbugwe stated that he first got news of her daughter being defiled from a neighbor, one Margaret Kobusingye who always helps her with the kids while she is at work.

It's alleged that Kobusingye told Nakimbugwe how she had heard the victim narrate to her friends of how Kasule had slept with her and given her Shs 500.

"Upon reaching home, Kobusingye told me that she my daughter had told her that Kasule had defiled her. I just got my daughter and we went to Nansana Pol…

California wildfire rips through nuclear waste site, fueling airborne toxin risk concerns -reports

The Woolsey fire that engulfed over 90,000 acres in California last weekend may have spread toxic and radioactive substances from a Superfund site, according to activists who believe authorities might be downplaying the risks.

The fire passed through the Santa Susana Field Lab (SSFL), a federal Superfund site in the Simi Hills that was the site of the worst nuclear meltdown in US history in 1959.

While the California Department of Toxic Substances Control said there was no reason to be concerned of "any risks other than those normally present in a wildfire situation," locals aren't so sure, pointing out that the agency has dragged its feet in cleaning up toxic sites and accusing it of a possible cover-up.

Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles president Robert Dodge castigated the DTSC, pointing out that the site –now owned by Boeing – remains radioactive and polluted despite the agency's promise to clean it up eight years ago.

"These toxic materials …