Saturday, March 05, 2016

Short Story :Power Changes Hands

Just over a month ago,I formally moved into a neighborhood in Agbado area of Ogun State.Though an area I am quite familiar with having been visiting for close to fifteen years now.Whenever I visit, I recall that the only available means of transportation to and from where

I usually go is motorcycle popularly called Okada.Or I trek.

All this while,somehow, it never occur to me that there are no alternative means of tranportation like the Tricycles otherwise called Keke Marwa and the likes.But since moving in,i seem to think more of it as an anormally partly because of the arrogant manners of the Okada riders whch I had not take note of all this while.For one, there is this take it or leave attitudes they put up when it comes to the issue of price.

From the popular terminals around,they charge a non negotiable fee of  hundred naira to my place of abode situated within a side-walk quater distance of the road and which to me should not go for more than fifty naira.

And for those going as far as the ends of the road the fee as well is one hundred and fifty naira non negotiable too.In addition to this, people that I have spoken with narrate their ordeals in the hands of these guys at night.With the people tired and without other alternative,they are made to pay more to get home.

So what have the people and by extension the community been doing or done to eliminate the plague that has continue to tyrannise their lives? Or perhaps they have resigned to fate.From what I could gather, a lot actually has been done to remove the monopolistic - or call it protectionistic grip of the Okada men and its affiliate union on the route but to no avail.

It would surprise anyone with a modicum of sensibility and education the kind of interesting tales which abound in the whole affairs.I think it would suffice here to say I was reliably told that at a point in the struggle a measure of violence was even visited on waves of pioneering tricyclists mobilised to ply the route by the Okada men and their hired thugs.

I do not know how that could be true in a community that've got a ruler-in-council as well as elective representatives; its surely an absolute insanity. But anobody with rich knowledge of our Motor-parks politics would easily recall that violence is the only language of business that appeals readily to the operators. And history books are replete with many of such despecable ugliness. 

But like a bolt out of the blues, sometimes last week or so, to my deeepest relieve, I noticed a shaol of tricycles gliding up and down the dusty near-even road in the corridor.

From my investigations, I learnt a force majeur in the person of the Baale in consultation with relevant stakeholders have at long last found a way around the problem. Of course news just filtered in that there is pricing sanity now in the market.

What is more, feedback of songs of lamentations from the old guards has continue to echo around the community.Now they are finding it difficult to post the abnormal daily profits as of old. An evidence that power simply has changed hands..    

Now its more of a democratic dawn. No coersion of any kind . No more ripping off. Above all, pricing simply has been thrown open. And the people are the happier for it. For now they are free to choose which to go with: Motorcycle or Tricycle in the night or day.

Power simply has changes hands!

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