Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Exits Sorrow; Enters the Joy

With the exemption of a measly few, every adult living today educated or not would someday experience an overwhelming period of dark gloom that comes with inability to secure gainful employment in good time.

The fault certainly isn't always yours.

It doesn't matter where you live on this planet earth; this is one reality you're bound to come up against. 

And believe me; nothing in this world is more challenging to say the least.

Every graduate from our ivory towers now knows this as he or she steps off the campus having been found worthy both in learning and in character.

Having been certified in one specialise field or the other with which to explore and re-invent his and the world around him..

The time has come to dare, to experiment, and to innovate.

And so much is expected of you from yourself.

So much more is expected of you from both family and friends who saw you enrol for that enviable degree programme or to that vocational school or apprenticed to its equivalent with great expectations if for anything else because they have spent a fortune to see you through.

They've waited patiently for this moment. 

Now is payback time.

You either must prove a worthwhile investment or a misadventure.

You knew this and in most cases appeared ready and motivated for the task ahead. Determine to earn an intellectual ambition, you've to set your eyes by the star unseen and ready to dig for the spring unreached with the diving rod of your education.

But it brings also an added pressure.

For some uncertainty, however, still awaits you as you begin the hunt for that dream job opening in an ever increasingly tight economy of today.

Here lies the root of your protracted misery and sorrow; and its consuming.

You've lived the youth's life and a student probably ahead of the class. You knew their rules of engagement inside out and reign in.  But here is a completely different phase of your life where the youth life ends and adult productive life must begin.

It's time to move on; but it’s no easy task.

Somehow you felt yourself a novice again and awkward because you lack the required cognate experience demanded of you by the few employers out there. This new station is totally different from what you ever know.

You're getting to know your many years of education and training is grossly inadequate.

Some of you are branded unemployable for the simple reason of your suspect qualification; and it’s no exaggeration.

For years perhaps you'd tramped through the streets of major cities with as little a success taking job tests and interviews.

The real deal still eludes you.

You needed something extra by way of re-training or internship to be fit in most corporate establishments of today.

Anyway, you must persevere and observe due diligence applying yourself daily to new faculties.

You must be patient and observant; when this is done as it should hoping someday to land that dream job. Then something special happens to you.  

You received an email for a job interview at a company you had applied to many months back.

This might just be it, who knows.

With renew optimism, you're fired up and did well in the interview. Right there and then you were offered the job with a six figure salary package, an official car and once a year holiday overseas with your entire family.

Sometimes it could be less glamorous. But it’s still okay for a start somewhere.

 And you're too good to go.

At last, you've found the joy common to all workmen and productive who delight in their enterprise and any window of opportunity to be of any good use both to themselves and the society.

Believe me, there's nothing in this whole world greater than the joy of being able to leave home in the morning or whenever convinced you're adding value to your own existence and humanity at large.

Nothing is indeed greater than to watch one’s productive stroke tell. It exceedingly fulfilled but every living whether you are a man or woman.

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