Monday, December 05, 2016

To Whom It May Concern : A Caution in Word.

While the Olaluwes wherever found, today, are neither famous nor infamous ; nor rich nor poor ; nor all sufficient nor hungry.

But the two things we have in good measure are one, integrity, of saying what we meant and meaning what we say.

And two, trust, which we hold to be sacrosant at all time
and should not be betrayed.

These two pressed together runneth over the humble chalice of our lives.

At time, we can be grovelingly humble. And at another time, politely resolute and radical and reciprocal of both kind and unkind gestures.

We also hold it to be irrevocably true that no birth is inferior to another ; and that just as slave ia born so also is the free ; likewise as the male is born so also is the female .

We treasure greatly our family ties in which the youngs forever give honour to their elders. Just as we cherished and respect our friends new and old no less.

Through the examples of our Fathers, may their tribes never diminished, we have learnt to treat in-laws as Sons and Daughters and not as distant opportunists. Friends as dependable allies untill the contrary becomes the case.

Above all, there are values which we hold very dearly to hearts namely love, gratitude and respect.

Like tigers, those who try to interprete our characteristic stealth in the jungle of life for the absence of courage shall be overwhelmingly treated to what is takes to be fearless Natural Hunters.

To those who LOVE us unconditionally; reciprocate our trust and respevt we shall respond in like manners.

But those who decide to tow the path of dishonour as to subject our love and trust, respect and sacrifice to disdain and ingratitude; we promise to respond in due course in the most appropriate manner.

The foregoing might sound proverbial; but those concern know themselves and are already feeling Nthe pang of our reciprocal actions.

Hope when another chance beckons they would have learnt a lesson or two and properly behaved.

On behalf of the Olaluwes at home and abroad.

I stop for the moment the beating of the drum for the Traitors!

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