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October 20, 2016

Poetry: A Vision Of War

Suddenly, from the distant of the skies,
While the night was slowly darkening in its stride;
We heard a loud bang and boom as of big big Batteries firing.
And we saw huge flashes and fireballs as of mighty Artilleries battering.
And the people panicked and gathered in small circles;
And not a laughter crackled;
And they talked of seeing marching troops. 
As the tremor rattled within our comforting room; 
And we feared for the worst of an approaching doom.
Which after all but turned out to be rumour scoops.

But athe huge fireballs flared and the shells shattering
From the city's garrison’s own malfunctioned armours.
Hell seemed to be on the loose with the wicked flying rumours
Of an invasion that ashore are a foreign legions.

While the city reeled in dreadful rumours of a false war;
And its mass of children and women scampering for safety and all
From the flickering fire only to meet their watery dooms at Oke-Afa.

 Dedicated to the victims of Ikeja cantonment bomb blast of Jan. 27th, 2002.

October 15, 2016

Opinion: “Change Begins With Me? Why Not, If Not!'

The deconstructing and constructing Buhari on the 8th of August, 2016, simultaneously launched the national re-orientation campaign, code named, " Change Begins With Me"  
and the Kick Against Indiscipline brigade in continuation of his war against corruption as promised during his electioneering campaign.

And expectedly, a flood of reactions have continued to trail the exercise..
But before I go into the reactionary bolts and nuts of the matter and by extension the proprietary or otherwise of the slogan.
I would like to briefly refresh our memories with some historical facts regarding the anti-corruption crusade of the man, Buhari.

To be sure there is no deviation whatsoever in all of this, let me state once more that Buhari's campaign tripod remains Security, Economy, and Corruption.

It is noteworthy also that his current effort is coming exactly thirty one years after a similar campaign was embarked upon when he was the head of military junta that ruled Nigeria between 1983-1985.

Needless to say the exercise then generated a lot of uproar and criticism. 
It was particularly unpopular because the task force were notorious for subjecting erring members of public to dehumanizing punishments such as flogging, frog-jump among others; and with military ruthlessness and efficiency too.

Many notable politicians were thrown into jail albeit without trial.

Despite the sustained outcries, however, It would also be recalled that some noticeable level of successes were equally achieved in form of orderliness at motor parks and other public places.
There was also the palpable fear that one might get caught if one gets involved in one corrupt act or the other.

But no sooner than the smiling gap-toothed evil genius took over powerall these gains were summarily thrown into the garbage bin thereby paving the way for what can best be described as planned process of institutionalization of corruption in Nigeria.

Regrettably, this happened when the people were increasingly becoming amenable to the target attitudinal changes of the government.

The rest, like they use to say, is history.

Nigeria from then on simply barreled down the path of willful self destruction carefully mid-wife by the leaders.

And the followers simply followed
Here we are again still grappling with the same social, political and economic woes that have always  bedeviled us as a nation. Not forgetting also the myriads of collateral damages these have continued to wrought in the polity.

In fact, as of today, corruption has become a dreaded beast walking on four legs and in the broad daylight too.

Thereby making sustainable people oriented developmental projects difficult if not impossible to embark upon much less completion.   

There's also the queer air of competitiveness about it; as public officials now see illegitimate wealth acquisition as a thing of pride. Indeed, they are practically wrestling among themselves as to who can steal the most.

Worryingly,  it sooner became a case of if you can't beat them, you join them.

But in my quiet moments I use to imagine what could happen between then and now had we sustained the fight against corruption and kept faith with Buhari.  Certainly, Eldorado would have been a child's play developmental wise.

Having squandered that window of opportunity, we can only but hope that another will stroll in our path someday.

And it did after a prolong evident lack of political will by successive civilian governments to take on the dreaded monster called corruption; someone in the person of Muhammadu Buhari boldly stepped forward offering to help in taming the wild beast.

Standing on a conservative, strict and moral high ground unmatched by any leader in Nigerian political firmament past or present.

Evidently, the long awaited titular Eagle has finally landed; and ready to swoop on the its targets. 

Expectedly so. there were panics within the polity concerning what is to follow particularly by people who have skeletons in their public service cupboards. A good case in point here was the false alarm raised by Dame Patience Jonathan, the wife of the erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan that Buhari if voted president will clamp many people including her husband into jail. 
And for no just reason whatsoever she seems to be saying!    

It was false simply because her likes had not committed many untold financial infractions against the Nigeria state with which they had hoped to go Scot free. But predictable enough, the result of the election was a foregone conclusion and they have been outsmarted by the Nigerian electorates. 

So far, Buhari has been true to his anti-corruption war cries and a record number of impressive results will witness any day to this since assuming power.

Now to the reactions.

The efforts so far in part has been applauded by the patriots who see it as right steps in the right direction.
While another group that can best be likened to the biblical tribe of (Sanbalat and Tobias) see it among others as nothing but an outdated measure of tackling corruption in modern era.

As if that is not enough; they also alleged that the fight is selectively targeting opposition politicians. 

While a safe haven is provided to equally corrupt elements within the ruling party and those who as recently found shelter in the party.

They also labelled the fight as an abominable recourse to an ineffective militarized modus operandi of the past by an administration grossly lacking in innovative ideas, sophistication and vision.

The detractors In their characteristic fashion vociferously cajoled, mocked and threatened urging the labouring builders to come down from their high walls and cease their rebuilding plans simply because the approach is conceptually flawed, old fashion and not in alignment with their self righteous vision.

This is no surprise because it would have been a misnomer if everybody both wise and the foolish; the weak and the strong; the educated and non educated; had embraced the initiative without a heckle of dissension.

Not to talk of the corrupt and their paid apologists or beneficiaries if you like who had held the country hostage for God known how long now.

After all, we all are not expected to sleep with our heads pointing in the same directions;  says a Yoruba adage.

While nothing can be more appropriate than the " Change Begins With Me" slogan of this administration which I believe was crafted to let people take ownership of the fight against corruption from every little corners of their corporate and private lives.
In a repeat of the 1985 scenario. 
Instead, I have, however, noticed some level of unacceptable scepticism and cynicism by people who ordinarily should know better refusing not only to embrace the call to action by the federal government but dedicating their time and intellectual labour to discrediting a well intended program of action for urgent national rebirth, progress and prosperity.

And the reasons are not far fetched if what the country had recently experienced especially since the return to democratic rule is anything to go by.

With the facts coming to light after books of various transactions were opened revealing a massive looting of our commonwealth by public officers entrusted with it.

Among others, many see the 'Change Begins With Me' campaign as asking for too much from them after having being subjected to many traumatic years of misrule by largely self serving successive administrations. 

In the light of this, many would rather prefer that the change mantra of the present administration actually begins with the politicians and leaders; and not the pauperized down trodden mass.
Change they argued should flow from top to bottom and they are right in their demand.

For instance, the demand I think should not be made on the people to cut down on their spending because the country is in a dire economic strait while leaders across board continue to bask in perceptible affluence and surplus.

In fairness to the hard hit mass of our people, I honestly think they are more than ever before right in demanding greater love, responsibility and accountability for the country from their leaders.

But while the demands on the leaders were legitimate and timely;  it also BEHOVE on the followers to demand on themselves to continue in the path of  CHANGE which they urgently wish to see in the leaders.

Change, we have heard times without number, is the most constant thing in life.
Its all about us and visible in things around us. It's an irresistibly organic and elective process which can either be painless or painful.

While everybody desires to get better at what they do and  to live in a better country where things worked for the good of all.
It is then surprising that the same people are reluctant to personally be the unsupervised, unforced change agents for the future they really want to see and live in.
Though things might be difficult today, but I believe if we all key ‘into this window of opportunity presented by Buhari  and let the “change truly begins with us”; things surely will turn around for the country.

But if we should allow the noisome armies of looters distract us from our visionary hope and goals, the consequences can only best be imagined.   

I pray we would not repeat the mistake of the past by following deceptive smiles of our enemies while ignoring the truthful stern of a man with the track record.  Change of course is process and not an overnight adventure.

And why not if not it should begins with me!  

October 12, 2016

A Poem By Kanye West for the Mcdonald Titled: The McDonald’s Man:

McDonalds man
McDonalds man
The French fries had a plan
The French fries had a plan
The salad bad and the ketchup made a band
Cus the French fries had a plan
The French fries had a plan
MacDonalds man
McDonalds man
I know them French fries had a plan
I know them French fries had a plan
The cheeseburger and the shakes formed a band
To overthrow the French fries plan
I always knew them French fries was evil man
Smelling all good and shit
I don’t trust no food that smells that good man
I don’t trust it
I just can’t
McDonalds man
McDonalds man
McDonalds, damn
Them French fries look good tho
I knew the diet Coke was jealous of the fries
I knew the McNuggets was jealous of the fries
I could see it through his artificial meat eyes
And he only be there some of the time
Everyone was jealous of them French fries
Expect for that one special guy
That smooth apple pie

October 11, 2016

Poetry: Remembering A Beloved Sister

Such a bad scare I had of it 
When neither satisfied as making a living
Nor any close to turning the expected life.
One day, I summed one and two
Of my honest concerns;
And strode right up to the Oracle.
Making strange signs,
And speaking strange words, the Diviner,
Gazing into 'A dust-freckled wooden crystal-ball'
Wrestled a few throw of Opele
Scrying to unravel my mindful petitions.

Eager my arch-tormentors are now to be unmask, but first,
Rather he sees and warns, redeemable though, 
Of an ailing and dying kin.
Immediately, who that was I did know:: my beloved sister.
She's been down ill for all I know.
But I was too self-immersed to sense the hint of the peril afoot.
Sadly, the urgent calls for redemptive intervention 
Was no Music to my ears.
Now torned, intriguingly, between two distressed worlds
Of self and a blood sister
Now walking through valley
Of the shadow of death.

And there were rising voices of considerating reasoning;
To which my selfish counsel's great murmur countered.
When neither in ruin nor ill;
Only a misplaced figure in my existential estimations.
While I twist and turn abashed with hesitant rasps,
Suddenly, news of her death came finally.
How I grief of her dying young foretold 
Being the first of the children of my father to;
And even more from the flagellation of self-guilt.
For much of the time playing procrastination's own fiddle 
And wishing evil and trouble away.

: Poetry: Olongo

One bright beautiful morning,
On bed as I lay in mid-sleep;
Once more, a familiar sweetest music plays 
Off a cooing bird; perhaps in joyous awakening
Or just arrived to roost from a nocturnal flight.

Waxing and wafting;
Wafting and waxing;
Bursting my sleep logged brain
As of a finely strung Banjo gently coaxed
Pouring forth many soulful strains;
Or my beloved diva: Erykah,
Baduing arrow through me.

How it quickens me to rise anew
Like Olongo* happy for the divine blessing 
Of good health and such belief immemorial:
A Sick bird is never found roosting. Never!

Up in the clutches
Of some curious muse and efforts:
Does it make her nest along my roof presently perched 
Or on a giant Oak tree afar? I wondered!
Whence it enduringly arises
To observe such a daily ritual.

Through the mesh of my window net I
Stood enthralled by its giggly stunts:
Fluttering high and low undistracted
Fixated widly pecking it mirrored self
Across the window-pane next door.

In some instructive spectacle 
Of open-arm excitement
Triggered by something only real
In dreams and imagination.
Reminiscent of unwean suckling babes;
Girls come of age ;
And lovers helplessly dissolve in sissling love;
Beaming with broad smiles and titters and kicks
Smarten by the presence of an adoring soulmate. 

Poetry: Nightfall

Out in the day,
hustling for survival
in the crucible of midday sun:

down in my underpant always, I
am a mess of hot running sweat
wistfully moaning: burning,
wearing a long long face 
like a stretched metal wire
desperate for relief.

eagerly I looked forward
to the coming of night for succour 
as real men do overwhelmed 
by passion and pain atimes
yet joyous in anticipation
of coming home to their sweethearts.

wrapped in soft ever arms of night I 
dissolved numbsall in her deep devout massage
like a wounded kitten in the care of a skilled vet.
As mothers do too effortlessly and happily to their babes
squirm-wailing in wordless call to felt discomforts
till are calm and wile away to healthy slumber.
Can anything compare to the love 
and care of mothers; My mother.?

Night perhaps more a mother,
a lover, and  friend  faithfully combined
for all with blood running in their veins
and burn same daily ascending and descending 
the height of endeavours. Nursing equally both
kings and the commoners alike in its quiet 
sweeping hospitable ambience to new life 

But who's more doubly blessed 
or call it lucky, if your like,
as those with lawfully sweet and loving halves?
as children with caring mothers?
the ailings with able physicians?
the tired and weary with anodyne?
for they are tucked safely
among helpful members
Free to turn for ther healing touches
of humans,
and the night,
or all at a GO.

October 01, 2016


Before your Aphrodite presence 
I once stood still more among
Perhaps the majority 
Of one, 
Who understood 
The spiritual beauty 
Of pure forms
Or blends!


Many there are time-tested festivals and ceremonies
For these gods and that goddesses
All spread out across the land.
And the natives old and the young do return in droves; 
Warmly welcome into a raucous re-union.
With trades closed behind and comforts sacrificed; 
The sleepy villages now agog with colourful