Saturday, February 18, 2017

Poetry : The Rejected Stone

I am the rejected stone,
Cast off into that darkest night lonely and cold
Like a dog's scorned charred un-flesh bone
When my love was young, pure and bold.

I am the rejected stone,
Cast off into the abyss of despair
When texting my love sent words she was with me done;
Summoning a rare courage, I responded in manner so heroic and fair.

Borrowing the famed Lord's line-
With how "Tis never too late to seek a newer world"
I call'd her bluff and was calm and fine;
But I was long emotionally lacerating, wounded and unhealed
Like a stunned man of war.

I am the rejected stone,
Cast off into years of untold agony
And you fear recompense would never come as bright as morning
For newer world indeed came and went away un-shone.

Now at wit's end from a long wild goose chase;
My love, belly wise on humbled pie, sent her unreserved apologies
That I should forgive and forget the past in a haste
Triumphant I sent her words she's welcome and shorn of stories

I am the proverbial rejected stone,
Now about to be made the cornerstone of her marital world;
Hers the beauty that intoxicates, the pride that kissed the canvass and was gone;
And mine the long suffering, the patience that inherit her existential all;

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