Friday, March 24, 2017

Poetry: Abolore

None, warned repeatedly your mother
From your humble lineage
Ever sang a line.Ever!
But that did not discourage you
From trying for the distance
Where sweat and blood are all needed.
For many too had no shared ancestry or link
With men or women in their chosen paths.
You indeed hope long,
dream big,
work hard,
to blaze the trail.
You put both the devil to shame
And the doubters to silence un-recovered.
At dawn, dreaming big made you bold
And there was nobody stopping your rise
Either born of woman naturally,
Or brought into daylight vie C-section.
Indeed, a thousand detractors fall by your left hand;
And ten thousand Baba Nees by your right hand.
You gave the 'street' its first credibility.
Now a frenzied sing-song on the lips of this music mad house.
Long before they ask why,
You already had your big bang success.
At home and abroad your fame is secured.
Now hard they try, 
They cannot see your break light
Because you have turned the corner of fortune;
And out of sight of this musicianship race.

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