Wednesday, March 01, 2017


If a whirlwind of change should roar forth,
What can an umbrella's resolve do in the tumultuous air?_
Except in so gentle a rain or sullen sunny day.
Bereft of one, no harm than good could befalls, none.
But in this long overdue sanitary fixes
From the Savannah to the Atlantic stretch
Of this Somber looking sprawling fatherland,
The big task today before
These lean mass of exploited divided inhabitants
Is this rock-hewn fort of filth and decadence_
Cobweb and dusty the lair of big bold ten-fingered rats:
Stealing foods from the mother's wooden-chest;
Slashing away at the father's iron-vault of riches.
If we are to do a good job
Of this mess, once, for a dare
Perhaps all we need is something akin to the collective will of broom
To sweep out this old crusted rubbish
While plugging the many walled-loopholes
The offending spoor of these rampant rats.
And ushering in a new dawn
Where there's for all surplus to eat and drink;
Enough fineries for all  to wear and shod.
Peace to the north and stability to the south.
As for the patchy, torn umbrellas.
Crumpled for keep as relics of an inglorious past.
And we shall remember it nor its crooked or lucky bearers
No more with all patriotic zeal.
In the light of your relentless campaign, Sai Baba,
Great window of opportunity may soon to you opens.

*A poem written shortly before the ascension of president Muhammadu Buhari. I don't know how  much truth it still holds today.

                                                                            For the change you long craved.

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