Saturday, April 08, 2017

Reality Poetry: In the Shelter Agoro


Stuck all year long in an old trade
That would no longer profit. Smarting
From abrupt stormed-off its operational base,
Oriented to almost six eventful years,
For eased self-same secured
By the bitch dowager, now more infamous
For her policy Summersault.
Futile, I belaboured this change of fortune 
To the rescue from the clutches of a non-existent devil.
What we don’t know, we don’t know.
And they give us quite a scare too. The wretched soul
Mocking a quitted tenant wretched
Merely for staying days longer than stated
On quit notice. Joining issues both
On served eviction and exit time line:
“That's why, she scornfully said,
It’s good to save for the raining days”.
But she just violated a long-standing family grand norm
Now opined Ex Cathedra: 'Re-echoing
At the slightest opportunity, unprompted,
The late husband's rule of engagement:
'I don't quit tenants from my property.
They leave of their own free will.'
The fellow who repeatedly pledge:
'I will build a new self-befitting workplace.
Now put herself in reverse gear
Blame on lack of financial muscle.'
But wait for this open secret: 'No one
Is more spendthrift in and out of season,
On guess what- Owanbes'.  

The hapless poet-artisan now condemned
To plies his trade at an inauspicious new location
As a struggling start-up anew. The lean season
Follows fast from end of stricken sales' drought
Cruelly overstretched. In view,
An anvil-headed cloud of shame now looms
As mountains of rents on home and office
Combined due in one felled swoop, day-to-day
Existential necessities difficult to surmount. My wheel
Of sustenance now grinding to a screeching halt. Thoughtful,
The I simply bite the humble pie, passed
Round far and near kith and kin gloomy tales
Of prevailing challenges, imminent bankruptcy.
Arms raised as would a child expectant
The mother to lift him off ground. Clueless yet
Of would be messiah to the rescue, nor the path
To follow, nor arrival hour. Drift and dumb,
The waiting game begins seeking to test
My fragile resolve or break even at the last resort.

Sinking deep into dejection hole. Staring
Eviction and homelessness in the face,
And consequential scattering of his material possessions. Fruitless,
Groping for escape in this pitch dark existential
Passage. But like lightning
Out of the dark, she came in fairy-tale
Earnestness as god-sent from her distant Vineyard
Cradling her reward to recompense a distressed
Worthy soul-brother. A soul-sister with whom
Faithfully I had wrought honourable works,
Shared the best and worst of moments. From spinsterhood
To fruitful connubial rites of passage
And it many torturous twist and turn, alas. Effusive
Was her stirring rendition: 'you deserve even more'
From overflowing cup of your works of noble note
As sibling most faithfully abide through these torrid years.
Blessed, indeed, is this kind-hearted Sibyl
Seeing my imminent shameful nakedness
And timely arisen to wrapped me secured
With this timely sheltering-cloak bequeathed.
Come, friends and family,
With me on this poetic sojourn with tongues readily married
With effusive gratitude for a deserving benefactor.
For an ungrateful heart, they use to say,
Is no more than a forceful marauder.

All said and done,
I would still call that one altruistic gesture
An act of tendentious high betrayal; 
A chase into the path of a bear rousing.
For how things soon degenerate
From joyful hopefulness to depressing hopelessness!
My new abode, I soon discovered, was nothing
But a madhouse carefully concealed.
Though insanity does not run in the family;
But on our hands was what looked like a budding case.
A child, you might say, of circumstances steeped in mystery.
One that threatens our peace from dawn to dusk.
And before you say jack,
It so happened that I found myself
In the total animal soup of time.
Apologies to Allen Ginsberg!
I had many sleepless nights,
And away from my comfort bed too.
There were times I was forced into exile for weeks
Triggered by our cretinous cousin
Becoming violent unrestrained;
And turning the house upside down
With sing-song of suicide interspersed.
In no time, he is turned a security risk,
A weak link for repeated heist raids on our property.
I have been so maraud of goods and chattel
That today I am a desolate pathetic day goer
Smoothing snatches of sleeps wherever night beckons.
But lest I am doomed to a further worst case scenario,
Then I must immediately counsel my feet.
For I think from where I am come is merely a frying pan;
But my present state, certainly, is a consuming fire.   

**Owanbes means partying or party freaks.

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