Sunday, May 28, 2017

Poetry:An Essay on Dr. Katiltychi

A people, like they use say,
deserve the kind of sovereign they get,
through their political actions or inaction;
And a long list they have of these:
 'Good people, great nation'.
Deservedly so many a critic disappointed,
sad and sack altogether insisted:
Some the murderous or benevolent dictators
in crispy fatigues and shinning jackboots;
Some the neo-convert generals or naive
or astute democrats in flowing Babariga;
Of these the Sheepish Katiltychi was worst to power ascend.
A good man quite naturally: 'Gentle in spirit,
soft speaking, and easy going'. But, nice guys,
they use to say, don't win the games.
It must, they use say, call some toughness to duty.
His campaign narratives deeply touching,
impressively demagoguery;
A plain folk he postured on the podium
with humblest of childhood; significant education
and meteoric political ascendancy;
Who, coming and going to school was shoeless
and in tattered uniforms and hungry.
'A breath of fresh air' loudly his army of admirers
would have the people believe at long last is come;
Trumping the staleness (misrules)
besetting the land through the decades.
One thing undeniable is
luck really abounds on his good side
paving his way to the pinnacle
of lifes most surreal of successes.
Like a seed unrivalled sprouting
through fertile space and time
into a mighty oak, they use to say.

For five years when he power assumed,
absolutely ecstatic initial were the people,
their expectations great.
His publicists promoted his soft style revolutionary,
bettering the many bullish predecessors.
Needless a lion king, they would say,
to be effective in an administrative jungle;
His policy thrusts a sure guide
to uncommon transformations,
they use to say.   

But no sooner than the jungle matured,
and impunity soars to new heights a state-craft.
It became clear he was neither 'a breath of fresh air'
nor anything as glorious close;
Rather a laughable trumpery fair and square;
stumbling through embarrassing streaks of official duties;
being so naive in his politics and leadership;
Incapable of stern judgement
of erratic functionaries and functions;
His advantage not a few allies swiftly taken
to corruptly lined their pockets with our commonwealth.
Ill advised, too soon an object
of annoying praises on all sides;
Bringing his rule into irreversible disrepute;
and promptly was removed like Jiga
Come the next electoral circle.

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