Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Great Debate: Which of the Rich or Poor man's Children Turned out Worse in Life and Why?

Just few days ago, an old bosom friend of mine, perhaps just got spontaneously curious or simply was talking from a long held sentiment, tried to argue on theside of the proposition that children of the rich normally turned out worse in life than children of the poor.

And his singular causal link was their exposure to too much money. No more; No less.

Right away, the whole thing got me not just thinking but thinking straight for that’s what was needed or else conjectures will take the place of verifiable facts in no time.

My friend is a staunch Muslim who begins every discussion on a prayer note.

And on this occasion, his approach was no different.

So, when he raised his head up from what he was doing and began to plead on almighty Allah to grant us his all sufficient blessings and ended it all with the request that good children succeed us; I immediately sensed he was about to start an interesting discussion.

It turned out exactly like I'd predicted.

So, off we go!

To his prayers and entreaties I, however, chorused a loud amen.

Besides broaching the topic, one thing is stylistically clear with my friend and that's he wanted to know what my takes are on this topic.

Guaranteed that I'm not going to hold anything back, makes it the more interesting.

On the surface of it, his argument sound good and should hold sway but for non availability of facts and figure to back it up.

Therefore, it falls flat on its face as soon as it takes off.

But why do people go badly in life, despite having the much vaunted good start to it?

To me, first and foremost, children of the rich and likewise of the poor do go wayward in life for a lot of reasons.

And that defeats all unscientific positions that may have arisen in the heads of opinionated persons like my friend.

Some of the well researched reasons that could lead to defiant act in adolescents include peer pressure, willfulness, lack of mechanism especially at home to reward good conduct and punish minor or serious misdemeanour particularly.

Thinking aloud with my friend, my position was and is still that if availability of monies "which answers to all things" quoting the Bible now could cause a growing child to misbehave; then how could its non availability be the cause of similar effect in children from poor homes?

Clearly it’s neither here nor there.

By giving children access to all the good things of life to my mind can never be the root cause for that child becoming antisocially and the likes.

It is straight forward enough that we're freed of the likelihood of blaming the wayward actions in children on the presence or otherwise of money within the household.

Reasoning further from these two premises, it can be deduced that neither the presence nor absence of monies and other comfort of life it could possibly buy is the real reason why some children go wayward.

Therefore, there must be a set of other underlining factors responsible for it that we aren't considering at all.

Because just as we've good and bad children coming through from the ranks of rich homes; so also are good and bad children coming through the ranks of the so called poverty stricken homes.

So, how relevant then is the money factor to the whole picture?

It's either it doesn't exist or those who hold such position are over-flogging its relevance to the issue at hand.

While it is not the focus of this article to dig into causes of waywardness in children of both the rich and the poor but to disabuse the minds of anyone who may want to rush to the conclusion that children of rich parents run higher risk of becoming wayward solely because there’s plenty of money to throw around.

Such argument doesn't hold yesterday; and neither will it hold today nor tomorrow.

And finally, my take on the issue is that people simply maladjusted or become social wrecks; and the causes could be anything like having loads of money or the lack of it.   

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