Saturday, July 08, 2017

Poetry: Rupture Ecstasy

An introductory note:

In our next poem, I commemorate a love I thought I’d under control but which slipped away like eel into the sea.

A love I thought I’d by the wrist but turned out to be a hold by the elbow. It is one moment of anguish for which till today I’ve not been fully recompensed. But I’ve soldiered on!



What a breakthrough
I thought had with her,
Though long in romantic path
With fruitful times and smiles.

Indeed, none like her makes my joy
And expectations expand and soar so high
Like an eagle on a tumultuous sky.

So much that ecstasy like a river of many waters
Surged from the depth of my soul;
And spilled with great pelt
Across its delight stricken banks
Awakening pleasurable sights and sounds
Of endless dreamy possibilities.

Increasingly, I kept rapping my body and soul
Genuinely at the door of marital full-circle;
Treasured like Idol's Eyes from Golconda:
For she was naturally sweet and loving and kind;
And effusively too;
But to a surreptitious fault;
To which when I raised a voice, the dictum:
"What's kept under wraps the most dignified"!
Was her polite rebuttal; Unknown,
I kept riding a gelding horse of false dream.
Until that hour her messenger delivered:
Ripping apart what I held jealously
As hope and fortune;

And in its place felled the dark days
Of tremulous pall and gloom:

A rupture ecstasy!

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