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June 16, 2018

12 Strategic Approaches To Unlocking Your Blogging Potential, By Deji Olaluwe

Blogging is a professional way of publishing content to the Web or within an organization which could be one or all of audio, video and textual files. It is definitely an intense activity that requires a lot of grey matters and a little bit of spirituality too. Spirituality in the sense that blogging like every other endeavors in life requires at every juncture the exercising of faith as a help meet for all the hard work you can muster and which the bible aptly described as ‘evidence of something not seen and substance of things hoped for. Incidentally, every blogger want their blog to grow in leap and bounds and as such need a little bit of hard work and a little bit of faith to drive the process to a logical conclusion.

Beyond this primarily, a blog’s potential involves traffic essentially. And if your blog isn’t getting the needed traffic then it chances of being monetized is zero.

If you are one of those whose blogs is growing at a snail pace then you just might need to pay some attention to tips and tricks that are about to be laid bare in this article.

I’m not laying any claims; however, to know it all likewise I wouldn’t expect you either to assume you know it all as well no matter how long you have been blogging. Assuming things before the facts are in for all I care only prejudices opportunities for personal growth and development. A snare I don’t wish for any of my friends and maybe my enemies too. Or didn’t Christ Jesus ask us to love our enemies?  

Besides, knowledge is a continuum and seizes to be relevant to our growth as everyday people and professionals only when we are six feet under the earth. So as long as you live there is always a fine thread of knowledge to be picked up as you travel the road of life to be consciously or unconsciously woven into existing body of knowledge for a more rounded you.

Before I continue, there is a point I wish to bring out quickly and it is the fact of an existing ground swell of conviction in some influential quarters that you need a portfolio website to properly start your online journey. Maybe they are right in principle. But in practice, I would say, No! And that's because in life, human beings are never going to be equal both in fellowship and in anointing. Ever!

Some have started their careers with a big budget while others start theirs on a shoestring. The honest truth is they both have equal chances at success or failure. However, their chances of survival and succeeding both in the short or long term depend on varieties of other factors that are not necessarily monetary related. At the end of the day, it could just be down to how much of extra efforts they are willing to apply or how much attention they are willing to pay to details. The devil, perhaps you might have heard, is in the details.

Evidence abound today of people who have become successful bloggers though they started out on some of those free blogging platforms out there like lindaikejisblog on blogger and Jomla just as much as others who own premium blogs/sites. The constant decimal is that they were all able to see the process through in spite of daunting challenges that lay about on the way. The point I'm driving at here is you can fulfill your long term blogging ambition no matter where you start from provided you are willing and ready to pay the price. And as the saying goes, ‘if you genuinely wish for something, pay the price and take it’. Believe me; understanding the process overrides other considerations as a blogger.

And paying attention, I need to re-emphasize, starts now.

To cut the long story short, how then can you unlock your blogging potential?

In no particular order, You must:

  1. Have a clear idea of what the niche of your blog will be. Sit back and clearly conceptualize or idealize what you want to achieve and set about achieving them without wasting much time. Do whatever it takes to stay true to the brand you wish to create and consciously avoid falling for the temptation of being a ‘Jack of all trade but master of none’ through jumble contents that are capable of ruining your brand. If it is on money making, stay true to it and if it is poetry or foodies stay true to it as well.


  1. Publish useful content(s). Blogging I need to repeat myself is all about content. Content is the soul of blogging endeavour. So how useful your contents are to your blog readers is what will determine if in the long term they would become faithful followers or not. So you will do well to publish only well researched post to better the society.

  1. Set editorial timeline and stick to it. It is not uncommon to see beginner bloggers publish on their blogs without clear editorial timeline. Endeavor to update your blog with fresh content at least once a week instead of publishing when you feel like. This will only discourage visitors who come expectant that new stuff will be available on your blog. And once they perceive that you don’t feel up to it they might go and never return. If all you can muster per day or week is a post, start with that and grow slowly into it. Don’t start with an avalanche only to drop to a trickle or even in a worst case scenario go to sleep completely for only God’s know when.

  1. Use large and relevant image with your blog post. The place of image in content cannot be overemphasized. A picture, we are told in journalism class is equal to a thousand words. That’s how crucial it is in communication process. So as a blogger you will be doing yourself a world of good if relevant image(s) are attached to your blog post. People ordinarily have fondness for images and more so one that’s highly communicative and alluring. If you are on blogger, I’ll recommend large or extra-large image format for your post. 

  1. Deactivate comment moderation on your blog. Often some visitors who potentially wish to post a comment are sometime discouraged by moderation barriers a lot of bloggers have been wrongly influenced to place before them. So you can remove the barriers until there is genuine reason to implement it.  

  1. Promote your contents. Content promotion is second only to content creation. Of what use is a product or service that’s not shared to the world? Look for one of the several content auto-share platforms out there and you are good to go. I’ll recommend ifttt.because they have one of the best pool of share applets that you can choose from. Try it and you’d no doubt be glad you did.

  1. Write guest posts. Guest posting is another strategic approach to unlocking your blog potential. It exposes you to wider array of audience in addition to getting paid occasionally for your content. There are thousands of journals out there that are willing to exchange money for your contents. They give you bigger platforms to be heard and which consequentially enhances your profile as a blogger. Let me confess that it is a blogging strategy I’ve not really explore before now but seriously I’m considering a change of position.

  1. Occasionally write post with links to influencers in your niche. Writing content with deliberate links to some of those influencer bloggers out there whose cutting edge strategies, ideas and suggestions you have come across and seriously considered or implemented with measurable results might just do the magic. They very much love to hear from you that you have been touched by their blogging activities and would also be more than willing to give you link backs or a mention on their platforms and you certainly cannot place a price on that.

  1. Reply to requests or questions directed to you by visitors. Occasionally you get requests laid on you in your mail inbox or comment section. It would be great thing when you promptly reply to such demands. At least it portrays you before your visitors as responsible and willing to be of help at addressing some of their existential or professional concerns. Go out of your way to show them you care and are always there for them. By so doing you create a Win-Win engagement atmosphere around your blog.  

  1.  Add your profile image to your blog home page. Visitors no doubt always want to have an idea of the personae behind the blog they are frequenting. And it will be a great idea if you can put your profile image on your blog for their constant perusal. Of course there are bloggers who have created an aura of mysteries surrounding their personalities with great successes but in the long run have had the cause to come out of their assumed ghostliness and with instant impact too.

  1.  Add related post widget to your blog. The place of related post widget cannot be over emphasized in blogging especially if you are on blogger which comes only with popular posts widget then it is definitely worth your consideration to implement related posts tools from any of the internet resource companies out there. It surely widens the content options available to your loyal visitors through aggregation of old and new posts and reduces bounce rate. For instance as you can see on my blog I use addthis related post tool and the result has been most amazing conceded that it was after trying out a few others which didn’t cut it for me.

  1.  Stay loyal to a specific theme. To a great extent, theme defines your blog. It gives an identity to your blog. So it would be nice if you stay loyal to a specific theme instead of changing theme every now and then. Guess what it does? It portrays you as someone who has no clear idea of what you want and as such falls for anything.  

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