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August 31, 2018

5 Pleasant Things That Are Likely To Happen During Davido's 3-Week Stay At The NYSC Orientation Camp

It is no longer news that Nigerian Hip hop singer Davido registered during the week for his mandatory one year of service to fatherland at the Iyana-Ipaja Orientation Lagos.

The prospects are quite enormous expressly for the artiste popularly called OBO, the camp environment and the gist mills of the media world for the three weeks it is schedule to last.

First of, the NYSC camp any given day is known to be a sight to behold brimming with no less than two to three thousands youngsters (of course the larger chunk of these would no doubt be ladies) who most probably would be in their twenties and have never seen Davido beyond the glamor of their TV's at home and hostel rooms.

That is not discounting the possibility that there would be a handful who might have seen him at close quarters probably at some of his concerts. Be that as it may, it still would not excuse them from being pleasantly affected directly or indirectly by the presence of this young, handsome and arguably one of the richest musical acts in Nigeria at the camp for a massive three weeks.

Here are the 5 things I can easily come up with as follow:

1. Star Attraction: The first is being star struck. From the world over, artistes are known to create this buzz around themselves whenever they appear on the scene. I bet this is bound to be routine while he struts the camp. The wow feeling is going to be there.

2.Partying on an unbelievable scale. Davido is known to be a party popper like none else and his presence may likely lead to partying like never before. And you can bet, Corpers would love that to bits.

3. An Overdose of the affection from the his female fans who undoubtedly constitute the majority in the camp. This is where I think Chioma's concern may probably arises from because his hubby would have at his beck and call an array of beautiful if not more beautiful bitches than her. And at the end of the day, he may just lose him literally. I'm just saying. Possibly, Davido may be forced to evaluate his continuous romantic allegiance to Chioma. Trust Nigerian ladies, they could get desperate at times and thereby throw cautions to the wind. Perhaps at the end of the day too, Davido might just be crooning another hit confessional song with the a title like 'I'm Running From The Sisters' because I expect him to get an over overdose of their attention.

4. Empowerment. Some might just get lucky to get empowered with a few millions. Recall that Davido is legendary for gifting and empowering people with money not in thousands but in millions for the right reasons from members of his crew, to devout fans around the world. This camp thing might just prove to be a another veritable platform for the demonstration of his renown large heartedness or philanthropic spirit if you like. And I'm sure Corpers in their numbers would very much love this after all, all the majority of  them are looking for is a lift financially for their entrepreneurial.start up. Davido might just bless some with a handful of millions. And that would be great.

5. It could as well be three week of booze up with 'DeRok'. As at the last time I checked, Davido is perhaps the latest DeRok brand ambassador.

And he just might be drowning the campers in an ocean of DeRok servings.

Have a nice orientation camp time bro

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