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August 20, 2018

American arrested for peeing on passenger two rows behind him during flight to Japan

A 24-year-old American has been arrested for urinating on a fellow passenger, seated two rows behind him, during a flight to Japan. He was drunk and said he didn’t recall doing it.

The bizarre incident happened aboard an All Nippon Airways flight from Chicago to Tokyo’s Narita airport, Friday, according to police.

The unfortunate target of the peeing spree was a 50-year-old Japanese man who was sitting two rows behind the suspect and had never met him before, reported The Japan Times.

The perpetrator was restrained by cabin crew and handed over to police after the aircraft landed.

Police said that he had taken at least five glasses of champagne before relieving himself on his fellow passenger. However, he denied any wrong doing after telling authorities that he did not recall his actions.

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