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August 23, 2018

Letters from beyond? Jilted man gets suspended jail term for posing as ex's mother ghost

A man has been sentenced to four months in prison after being found guilty of posing as the ghost of his ex-fiancée’s mother in a bizarre bid to win her back.

Ray Meadwell, 51, wrote a letter purporting to be from the dead of mother of Kay Winbury, his former partner, in which he told her she had made a “terrible mistake” in rejecting him.

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The letter, which was said to have come from a psychic who had been in touch with the woman in the afterlife, referenced “the man who sacrificed everything for you, the man who loves you, the man who wanted you to be his wife.” The note then implored Winbury to call the man, according to the BBC.

What sounds like a prank or a sick joke was actually Meadwell’s cunning plan to win his ex back, as he had been prohibited from contacting Winbury directly after she applied for a restraining order in December last year. The order was later strengthened to ban the man from entering Cornwall, where she lived.

Exeter Crown Court heard that Winbury received the first anonymous letter, accompanied by a leaflet from a local tarot-reading shop in Cornwall, on July 11. She later received an email claiming to be from a well-wisher, but sent by Meadwell, which said: “Can’t you see the greatness in this man?”

Unfortunately for Meadwell, instead of winning his ex-fiancée he succeeded only in getting a ‘Sword of Damocles,’ as a court recorder colorfully called the four-month prison sentence suspended for two years. He’s also received a warning he’d go “straight inside” should he try to contact Winbury again.

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