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Update: Flight Recorders Of Boeing That Wrecked In Sochi Being Studied -Report.

According to TASS reports late on Saturday, the flight recorders of a Russian Boeing 737 which reportedly skidded off the runway in Sochi upon landing, crashed into a riverbed, and caught fire have been recovered and  “acceptable” condition.

The recorders have already been sent to Moscow to be analyzed. A probe into the incident has been launched by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), a civil aviation watchdog.

In the end, some 18 people were reportedly injured during the crash, while the aircraft caught fire and was partially destroyed.

The only fatality of the incident was an airport employee who had a heart attack during rescue operation.

The passenger plane, Deji Olaluwe Social Blog earlier reported was flying from Moscow when it developed technical fault midair and was forced to make a rough landing in Sochi, hitting a fence, losing a wing and catching fire, according to reports.

It would be recalled that it took the Boeing 737 two attempts to land in Sochi, southern Russia, an emergency services source told Interfax, although what hindered the first try could not be immediately ascertained.

When the crew eventually managed to land the plane, it overshot the runway and hit a fence, losing its left wing, according to the source.

One of the plane's engines caught fire and was later extinguished. Four people were reportedly injured in the incident. Passengers have been evacuated from the plane.

A video released by Russian news outlet Ren-TV purports to show the plane engulfed in flames near the runway.

There were reportedly a total of 166 people on board the plane when it crashed of which a total of 18 people reportedly get injured with the aircraft in flames.
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