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Cossacked! Actor Steven Seagal gets LASHES in bizarre Russian rite - report

According to report, action movie star Steven Seagal has now become just a little bit more Russian. And all it took guess what, was a few solid lashes as part of a Kuban Cossack rite.

Seagal who has been a Russian citizen since 2016 arrived in the Southern Russian city of Krasnodar for a business forum.

The city, which happens to be the capital of the branch of Cossacks native to the region of Kuban, greeted him with traditional Russian bread-and-salt… and something extra.

The Russia-loving movie star was given a wooden mace and a traditional sheepskin cloak and made to kneel in front of a burly Cossack – who proceeded to plant several weighty hits on Seagal's shoulders with a trademark lash.

Every crack was reportedly accompanied with a well-wishing: "May your decisions be wise, may your strength never weaken!"

Thus ‘knighted’, Seagal rose and downed a shot offered to him to the accompaniment of traditional signing and – of course – a giant balalaika.

But the Cossacks weren’t done with him just yet.

In order to become one of them, Seagal still had to plant a tree, raise a son and build a house – that’s the tradition, the master of the ceremony explained.

Seagal explained he had already done all that – just not on Kuban land. So he took a shovel and planted a tree right there on the spot. The other two requirements were apparently waived.

Steven Seagal, a self-confessed “Putin’s man,” was granted Russian citizenship in 2016, and has since been appointed a special envoy to improve the ailing ties between Russia and the US.

Whether he is planning to use his newly acquired Cossack tools – the wooden mace and the lash – for the purpose, remains to be seen.

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