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US will ‘suffer more’ if it keeps trying to start Cold War with China - warns Jack Ma

China richest man and Alibaba’s chief executive Jack Ma has warned that the US will “suffer more” if it continues its efforts to launch a Cold War against China in an attempt to neutralize the growth of the country’s economy.

Speaking via video to the South China Morning Post’s China Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Ma said he believed the US would fare worse in any dispute between the two countries. Despite the warning, however, Ma said he remained positive because “as entrepreneurs, if you are not optimistic [you shouldn’t be] entrepreneurs.”

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“I think what the United States is doing is a reaction to an unfounded fear that China’s rise is somehow going to threaten the national security and wellbeing of the American people,” Tsai said. Such a belief, he added, was misguided due to the huge integration between the two economies.

"It is really ill-advised for the United States to launch a war of some sort targeting China, thinking that they can treat China like the way they treated Russia by isolating the economy and bringing on pain."

“We are so integrated that the pain is going to be felt all over the world. Everybody is going to feel the pain,” Tsai added.

It's not the first time that Ma has spoken out against Trump's China policies. In September, he said that he would not go ahead with plans to create one million jobs in the US because the current situation between the countries had “destroyed the original premise” of the idea.

Top US officials have been making concerted efforts in recent months and weeks to vilify China and paint it as Washington’s enemy du-jour. On Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that China represented the “broadest, most complicated, most long-term” threat to the US.

His comments followed an aggressive and combative speech given by US Vice President Mike Pence last week, which prompted suggestions that Washington was officially announcing the beginning of a new Cold War against the Asian superpower.
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