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Man unearths 7 mystery skeletons next to his house in Russia’s Far East in a 'no archaeological find'

Building a house turned into a haunting experience for a man in Russia’s Far East as he unearthed remains of at least seven people on his plot of land. Local historians say the eerie find has nothing to do with archaeology.

Vitaly Kvasha’s shovel literally “stuck in a skull,” when he began digging a construction pit for his future new home in the Far Eastern city of Blagoveschensk, he told RT’s video agency Ruptly.

Even more bones and skulls, along with some clothing and other items emerged after Kvasha dared to continue excavation works. The man prefers to leave what he felt while uncovering more and more human remains to anyone’s imagination.

“Emotions? I cannot even tell you what I feel. What can I feel when I just found human remains on the site of my home?” he said.

The skulls and bones looked as dark as the ground where they found their last resting place. However, experts say the chilling discovery has no relation to archaeology because the remains aren’t that old.

File photo of the grisly skeletons find

“I can say for sure it’s not an archaeological [discovery]. It is pretty new, it is not archaeology,” Denis Volkov, a local head of historical preservation explained. “Shoes, parts of plates, cups as well as other things suggest it’s modern history.”

What’s more, local investigators say details point at violent deaths as seven skulls have distinctive bullet entry marks.

But the bones aren’t from the 1990s – the time notorious for a spike in organized crime and gang violence –as there is no remaining tissue, the historian noted. This makes the mystery murder investigation even more puzzling.

The Investigative Committee has since opened a criminal case into the horrifying find, classifying it as mass murder.
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