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How to live a life of purpose

Athlete [photo credit]

I don't know of anybody who embarks on a journey without having a clear-cut description, road-map or if you like graph of the destination he or she intends to reach.
And if such a person does exist, he or she is definitely just taking a walk.
Having a clear-c…

Critics, criticism and burden of moral stability

Seun Onigbinde [photo credit] Daily Post
In less than four months or thereabout into the second term of the Buhari administration, nemesis in a way has caught up with two of his proven critics in a manner, arguably, never before seen in the political history of the country.
I say this, reasons be…

Has education failed the Nigerian youths?

Clearly, the deafening song (not swan song now) on the lips of many Nigerians youths, especially, those who have passed through the four walls of a university, these days, is that education has failed them.

And the question you're tempted to ask is "in what context or in what ways as the …

Is African Black Magic real?

I've heard and seen many people including one of my favorites On-Air-Personalities, Murphy Ijemba, in the strongest terms, cast doubt and even derision on the existence, realness, or efficacy if you like of African Black Magic.
One of their lines of thoughts has to do with the provability of i…

Growing Security concerns, Interstate migration in Nigeria and the profiling in Lagos

Amid the ongoing and what's clearly an extremely treacherous route a lot Africans and South-Americans take to get to other parts of the world they consider more favorable for human habitation, I've often argued on the side of the migrants; and especially of migration, as essentially a histo…

The Market Square and Nigerian Traders' Drum Beat of War

For some time now and predictably too, the two largest economies in the world, the United States of America and China have been engaged in a trade war.

Considering where the two were coming from, it is a war of attrition to which there may be no imminent end in sight.

In line with the principle of…

Re-purposing Sports for Sustainable end to Unemployment and Poverty in Nigeria

Sunday Akin Dare, Nigeria's current minister of youths and sports

Leading to the 2015 presidential election, the change agenda of president Muhammadu Buhari's campaign encompassed security, economy and employment.

And you can say it again that the thematic tripod was more than apt because …

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