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International Day of the girl child: Random musings on the Nigerian girl-child

Tinu, my mother's last child.

On the 11th of October every year, The international day of the girl child is marked around the world.
The day was set aside in 2011, by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls around the world face realizing…

How to redeem the time

I may not know what your faith is - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, name it; but one thing I know for sure is that 'redeeming the time' is one thing that's common or applicable to all.
It has always been and will always be. It's, therefore, a topic wor…

World Teachers' Day: What does it mean to celebrate the Nigerian teachers?

Just yesterday the 5th of October 2019, teachers were celebrated the world over.

And I want to join everybody in wishing them a happy teachers' day in arrears.

Interestingly, my father and his twin brother were first and foremost teachers; and my father, especially, for almost all through his …

Poetry : Burning

Image for representation only

Note: The poem you’re about to read was composed to console myself in the course of days and months of unmitigated loneliness, distraught, and existential boredom being separated from my young family as a conditional bachelor faraway in Abuja.

It expressively commemor…

How to get approval to serve AdSense’s ads on your blog or site

AdSense is certainly the most popular of the several monetization schemes available to online publishers and it is owned by the tech giant, Google.
It is, however, debatable if it is the best in terms of other important metrics like earnings. I’ve heard many publishers say it is not. That’s by the w…

I uninstalled Intense Debate from my Blogger blog, and then this happened . . .

Over the years, the mass media have evolved to becoming highly liberalized, community-based off and online, and most importantly, interactive unlike what they used to be.

In Nigeria and most especially among the Yoruba speaking people of the south-west where I’m from, the mediums of the radio and …

How to live a life of purpose

Athlete [photo credit]

I don't know of anybody who embarks on a journey without having a clear-cut description, road-map or if you like graph of the destination he or she intends to reach.
And if such a person does exist, he or she is definitely just taking a walk.
Having a clear-c…

Critics, criticism and burden of moral stability

Seun Onigbinde [photo credit] Daily Post
In less than four months or thereabout into the second term of the Buhari administration, nemesis in a way has caught up with two of his proven critics in a manner, arguably, never before seen in the political history of the country.
I say this, reasons be…

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