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How to develop personal budgets and investment plans

Without budgeting and planning, we cannot achieve the financial future we desire if we do not get the basics right.

A personal budget is an essential tool for managing our incomes, controlling our expenses and ensuring that we have enough money left over for wealth creation.
To control the future,…

Yakasai and the monarch

Going by the culture of the Yoruba with which I’m very versed, there’s no greater insult that a younger person can hurl at an elder than to tell him, especially to his face that his mouth smells.
And I honestly believe the same thing applies in cultures across Nigeria and indeed Africa no matter h…

Femi Otedola: Philanthropy taken to a whole new height

In a world afflicted with wars, natural disasters, diseases, and widening inequalities; neither can the call for men and women with a large heart too loud nor their supply too surplus to requirement. If anything, they can only be inadequate.

We all know that Nigeria’s North-east has been ravaged b…

National Erasure and Border Closure

Writing about the dreary and inexact subject of Economics is a truly confounding exercise. Yet there are times when one cannot shy away from the patriotic obligation. No discipline can be more exacting than modern Economics. 
Consensus is rare and intellectual unanimity even more elusive. Yet in …

Nigerian Army and Operation Positive Identification

The Nigerian Army after initially vacillating about admitting an earlier report that it is planning to conduct a nationwide operation code named: 'Operation Positive Identification' has now come out to accept the truthfulness of the report.

Clarifying the position of the Nigerian Army,  th…

Life On A Downside.With A Feisty Mother

Image for representational purpose only

As a woman, her three kids, and their house-girl laden with two small cartons and a polybag of consumable walked down the staircase of an Abuja supermarket, suddenly it began to rain. It was a heavy rainfall but surprisingly devoid of high wind. It was a wel…

10 dependable steps to locate and maximize opportunity

Opportunity has been compared to a missing pearl which everybody is assumed to be looking for.

It has also been likened to a treasure hidden on which all and sundry are looking to lay hold of their hands.
I remember in the early days of GSM in Nigeria, you’d see people climbing all sort of raised …

Welcoming the first batch of female jet-fighters pilots into the Nigerian Air Force

Though the seed of the idea of establishing The Nigerian Air Force (NAF), the air branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces, was first sown in 1961, it was not until April 18, 1964, that it became a reality.
This was after the nation had participated in peacekeeping operations in Congo and Tanganyika (n…

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