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*Updated* Opinion: Ndi Igbo, The Right Race and The Rest Of Us.

Face of the Igbo Nation, Late Lt. Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu

Nigeria, going by the available records is a country of some 500 or more ethnic nationalities.

Mention, of course, must be made at this juncture of the dominant three namely Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo.

Also deferentially referred to as the …

Poetry: A Memorial Sermon

Once more, our sincere condolences
To Nigerians, the Nigeria Medical Association;
And the Adadevohs at home
And abroad. May the interval widens
Between this painful death and another;
And let for whom the bell shall tolls next
Be the very old ones, our prayers!
Beloveds, we are all here gathered t…

Opinion: Forget The Recent Presidency's Tinubu's Patronage, The Yorubas Are Already One Leg Out Of The APC' Troubled Family

For a very long time now, the rumour mills have it that its no longer at ease in the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) with particular reference to the fact that things are no longer rosy between president Muhammadu Buhari and one of the party's founding fathers in the person o…

A Short Rhyme For The Nigerian Rapper, Falz by Deji Olaluwe

Now I'm paying attention, Falz, Now I'm paying attention. And I'm so so impressed... Don't know where I've been looking; While the storm of your career was slowly brewing. Now that you're in my long distracted face, I'm so freaking amazed; Just the other day I saw you an…

Poetry: Tribute to King Sunny Ade on his 70th birthday

Your success story inspires me, King Sunny Ade. Your courage delights me, even today. From a quickened beginning primed in visionary defiance and risk. And chasing your dream, you were so hopefully brisk. Where instead of the college and the degree, And its accompanying glamorous filigree. You simply wen…

Opinion: Gernot Rohr: Off To A Roaring Start!

In the process of selecting the Coach of the Nigeria national male football team, the Super Eagles, shortly after the unceremonious departure of the temperamental and no-nonsense Sunday Oliseh, not many Nigerians give the applicant Gernot Rohr, the heck chance of a pick from the few names that were…

Opinion: Is Yoruba Nation's Return To The Political Opposition Trenches Any Imminent?

Historically speaking, the Yoruba nation is Nigeria's hotbed of opposition politics. It particularly gained its most memorable traction with the formation of the Action Group (AG) on March 21,  1951, by the legendary politician, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo,

 arguably from the UK domicile Yoruba s…

Poetry: The Trump President

In the best traditions of American democracy which is largely issues based and rich. The clouds of their ambitions loom, and the storms of their eventual campaigns gathered for a fiery roll out. Their campaign trains moved from state to state; county to county; and city to city. Like two able polit…

Poetry: Horses's Tail

With eyes set on the distance of the race, He breezed through articulated semesters  Of the way towards the honor’s mark
Ambition sweet-earned as meal full-done alone, Cooking alike for drooling mouths Of hungry old and the young  Aligned with imperative lifelong learning Determined to burn the track thro…

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