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Poetry: A Vision Of War

Suddenly, from the distance of the skies, While the night was slowly darkening in its stride; We heard a loud bang and boom as of big Batteries firing. And we saw huge flashes and fireballs as of mighty Artilleries battering. And the people panicked and gathered in small circles; And not a laughter crac…

Opinion: “Change Begins With Me? Why Not, If Not!'

The deconstructing and constructing Buhari on the 8th of August, 2016, simultaneously launched the national re-orientation campaign, code named, " Change Begins With Me"
and the Kick Against Indiscipline brigade in continuation of his war against corruption as promised during his electione…

Poetry: Remembering A Beloved Sister

Such a bad scare I had of it 
When neither satisfied as making a living Nor any close to turning the expected life. One day, I summed one and two Of my honest concerns; And strode right up to the Oracle. Making strange signs, And speaking strange words, the Diviner, Gazing into 'A dust-freckled wooden …

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