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A Short Rhyme For The Nigerian Rapper, Falz by Deji Olaluwe

Now I'm paying attention, Falz,
Now I'm paying attention. And I'm so so impressed...
Don't know where I've been looking;
While the storm of your career was slowly brewing.
Now that you're in my long distracted face,
I'm so freaking amazed;
Just the other day I saw you and Phyno kill it with Karishika;
And true its no wonder the fame and money is coming quicker;
I also saw you and Sinmi's collabo's entry;
And It was such a balling Chemistry;
Now I'm just back from tracking your little source,
And it points the way to the present with a force;
With your work rate and style,
Like its f**king bitches they would make my Niggas get high;
Falz, Keep punching your weight in the industry
For the Karishikas have bowed and endorsed it.
Cos that's your safety petitions to the Lord;
And he's answered you and that's all.

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