Poetry: The Trump President

In the best traditions of American democracy
which is largely issues based and rich.
The clouds of their ambitions loom,
and the storms of their eventual campaigns gathered
for a fiery roll out.
Their campaign trains moved from state to state;
county to county; and city to city.
Like two able political Generals taking to the battlefield,
with their Armory loaded to the hilt;
and their troops many and battle ready.
Hillary, we saw, was calm and assured and temperate.
An experienced product of American political establishment.
And Donald, we know, is a firebrand business mogul.
Ready and willing to push all boundaries
there are in his quest for the Oval Office.
And hard he pushed all matters both sensitive and insensitive.
For the American constitution says:
“The issues of American life must be brought into the open
 and shall be fairly, frankly and freely discussed.”
But he gave something extra tottering on the edge of crudity.
Treading roughshod while his rival was mindful of the slippery earth.
Stumbling, many thought, with his tongue instead of his feet.
Widening the racial chasm;
and palpable discontents the Mexicans and Latinos radiate;
and uncertainties stare illegal immigrants in the faces.
Just as writing anything of note polarizes.
This presidential election is no different.
Now the die is cast;
and Americans have resolved not to vote a Trump.
Says the opinion polls.
Because he represents the opposite of everything
America and Americans stood for.
But while the so called liberals were looking else where,
their heads in the euphoric cloud of self-justification.
Donald, like a stealth thunderbolt
struck on the hour with a lightning flash.
And they were brought down to earth from their dreamy heights.
Bark, if you like, like rabid dogs.
Rage, if you like, like angry bulls.
Donal Trump, against all odds, is the 45th president
of the United States Of America.
Would you all now rein in on your disgruntled attitudes
and tranquilizes the rage.
Wish him well for a hard won electoral victory.


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