Opinion: Forget The Recent Presidency's Tinubu's Patronage, The Yorubas Are Already One Leg Out Of The APC' Troubled Family

For a very long time now, the rumour mills have it that its no longer at ease in the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) with particular reference to the fact that things are no longer rosy between president Muhammadu Buhari and one of the party's founding fathers in the person of Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Various unconfirmed sources have it that both leaders are giving one another a wide berth for some irreconcilable political differences.

Things came to a head in the countdown to Ondo state governorship election especially during the primary where incidents of disagreements amongst the party bigwigs was widely reported.

The election, though, has come and gone but the dust generated by the well managed intra-party crisis has refused to dissipate despite efforts in that direction.

Instead, the Governor elect decided to refuel the simmering fire of discord by conspicuously omitting Tinubu's name from his transcript of acceptance speech lending final credence to the existence of cracks within the party.

He claimed in the speech that 'it is pointless looking for political godfather where neither none is needed nor existed.'

An open air reproachful reference to no other person than Tinubu in the light of his position on the Ondo governorship primary which produced the governor elect, Rotimi Akeredolu.

A calculated damage control measure taken.
In a swift move by the presidency through the senior special assistant to the president on media, Mallam Garba Shehu.

Tinubu was eloquently described by the president as a "priceless asset"  to the party. While also underling the pivotal role he played during the formation of the party which of course is common knowledge.

In the said press release, reports of feuds between the president and Tinubu was not only categorically denied; it was also described as mischievous and fictitious creation of the wicked imagination of the peddlers.

He also put the records straight that Tinubu did not work against the party before and during the election.

For a politician of Tinubu's stature, he could not have done such giving the prevalent political configuration.

To the politically shrewed as well, this is nothing more than a lethal patronage by the president well advised by his political advisers.

Aptly worded no doubt but it was not a success at all because it could not shroud what is already made apparent through actions and utterances of elements within the party.

While credit was giving to the president's men for delivering on Ondo election; Tinubu was in contrast named as one of the big losers in the said election by a section of the post election analysts.

Tinubu, a political general with armies shrinking by the day?

There is a believe in some quarters that a planned and deliberate attempts are being made by forces within the party who shuddered unending about the ever growing political clout of Tinubu which must be curtailed at all cost.

To do this, they cited series of appointments so far made by the president which seems to include names of Tinubu's political godsons with whom he was either relatively estranged or disagreed.

Two, mentioned was made also of other appointments without deference to him across board throughout the entire South West geopolitical zone.

A move the school of thought sees as targeted at stripping away at his influence through appointments given to power blocs and caucuses clearly at variance with him.

Tinubu and the people's moving sympathetic association and rich.

Another school also believe that in the midst of this political shinanigan and betrayal
Tinubu yet is enjoying an unprecedented level of Sympathy from his people.

Accusing fingers are being pointed at the North for its dirty roles in rubbishing their son for the well documented nationalistic role he has played in building Nigeria's first virile opposition party, and enthroning one them aand this government.

And they have resolved not to abandon him like carrion for the political vultures cum opportunists currently parading the corridors of power to have him for a feast at a time like this.

Like it was done, they vividly remembered, to one of their proud son, Chief MKO Abiola the widely acclaim winner of June 12, 1993 presidential election despite his many years of loyal association and political comradeship with elements from the North who nevertheless thought it uncharitable to sacrifice him on the altar of their selfish ethnic hegemonic agenda

"A wayward child they insist cannot be abandon as meal for the Tiger".

Tinubu must not be abandon at this trying time conceded he has made, albeit not deliberately, a political miscalculations.

While they presently call for increase vigilance, they are more than ever willing to go to any lenght with him aa far aa repositioning the Yorubas political fortune is concern.
And then those who currently work in the government can keep their plum jobs if they so choose.

But in any hope outside forces are wanting to use the current men as foot soldiers in subsequent elections should the Yorubas decide to pursue a different course of action.
They are more than allowed; its their political rights.and choice to make.

After all, even through Awo's time as opposition leader people have always worked with the central government and that has not made them influencers of note of the region's politics.

And he never lacked political armies to prosecute his Yoruba agenda. So will Tinubu even if the core of his loyalists defected to the mainstream for the the lure of lucre and trappings of federal officialdom.

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