*Updated* Opinion: Ndi Igbo, The Right Race and The Rest Of Us.

Face of the Igbo Nation, Late Lt. Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu

Nigeria, going by the available records is a country of some 500 or more ethnic nationalities.

Mention, of course, must be made at this juncture of the dominant three namely Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo.

Also deferentially referred to as the three legs of the homely hearth that will never
allow the pot of soup spills its content.

Fifty six years on, how true that is is yet to be seen.

By implication also, this no doubt is a guarantee recipe for a homeland bedevil by unending commotion, suspicion and rivalry.

Having said that, Nigeria also means to different people different things.

To the optimistic or fatalistic flock, Nigeria is a product of divine arrangements and exceedingly blessed.

But to the unrepentant pessimistic train, it is a product of cursed historical accident from which nothing great can never come.

On the 1st of October, 2016, as a matter of yearly ritual, Nigeria celebrated its 56th independent anniversary.

As expected, the occasion calls for both low key fanfare and critical evaluation from every of its citizens regardless of their socio-political and economic stations.

More so, because it is happening when the country is buffeted by economic recession, and a prolonged war to secure its corporate identity from any alteration as been attempted by the the lawless religious sect, Boko Haram.

Like commentators on a football game just ended or continuing, Nigerians from all walks of life see, remembered and recorded differently with or without the benefit of hindsights.

While their attack or praise rhetorics on the game do not in anyway deny the fact that there was a game. Its rather a reflection of deep-seated ideosyncracies, biases or realistic view of events of our national life.

So, the differences lie but in the depth of details as captured or omitted by the individual commentator and the multifarious ethnic groupings.

It is also a function of relational dynamics like statesmanship, political relevance, elective status and all such.

In truth, public functionaries regardless of which ethnic stocks they are drawn from are like the proverbial Chief priests in African Traditional Religion circle, to whom negative expressions must never be attributed.

Invariably, on a day like this, diplomatic commentaries are a routine rather than an exception where fair, frank and free analysis of events are required.

Of course, those with contradictory views are either hushed up or given a total blackout.

Thanks, however, to the social media for coming to their participatory rescue.

Taken metaphorically also for a man in polygamous marriage whether by accident of history or providence, the general consensus was and still is that Nigeria has not been well treated by his many ethnical wives.

And he too in turn has not been fair to all in terms of just and equitable distribution of opportunities and rewards vis-a-vis what each brought into the matrimonial commonwealth.

It is, however, more than ever safe to say it has been a near disaster for the more than half a century of one of the most promising political union ever consummated on the face of earth.

The blame game: An historical perspective.

The question as to who and what is responsible for the country's parlous state of affairs is one that is ever generating debates and heated too.

Accusations and counter accusations between the  North and the South are the order of the day.

At different times also down the line, severing the head has been touted and vigorously pursued as an option in dealing with its many lingering developmental migraines.

Humanly speaking, It is always convenient to blame others when things go wrong while overlooking our contributory roles.

In the case of Nigeria, almost every ethnic group are in the habit of insisting the fault is others.

While some have since realise the futility and near suicidal implications of their exit agenda; others are still nursing similar plans yet on a morning like this.

But can anyone blame the ethnic agitators? Maybe not. After all, the British which colonized us have successfully exited the European union (EU) through a recent referendum.

Providing referential precedence for others to follow despite the incomparable political and economic circumstances.

The various attempts to jump the ship of Nigerian state.

The North was the first to tow the line of pulling out of Nigerian uneasy union but was talked out of it when confronted with the dire consequence of their foolish contemplations.

First, theirs is a classical case of a wife who was doubtful of the future of the man she is about to get married too.

But now that the much underestimated and maligned man has turned the corner of relative success and her statutory benefit is ever assured; she stuttered and shuddered at even passinglythe mention of a dismembered Nigeria.  even passingly

She has become wiser and  ever willing to stay in the wedlock with all its abusive, fissile and acrimonious tendencies.

She has also become an abiding advocate of the "One Nigeria; One destiny" slogan. Its now commonplace to hear opinion leaders from the repented North chorus: "Nigeria unity is non negotiable" every now and then.

Despite the fact that history is replete with ample examples to suggest that nothing in life is indeed impossible.

What is more, she is ready to persuade and where necessary coerce others to stay on while the problems bedeviling the household remain largely unresolved.

To her, repeated calls for Nigeria's re-federation and restructuring are nothing but songs couched with sinister motives compared to the present cut and join arrangements which has continue to stifle creativity, growth, justice and peace.

Fostering, instead, bread and butter piece meals; and abysmally failing to deliver on its highly anticipatory greatness vis-a-vis it vast human and jeweled earth potentials.

Ignorantly, the idea whether to the stratified or monolithic North is seen as being skewed against it even before the facts are in.

Next in line are the Igbos, led by a certain Odumegwu Ojukwu, a young, hotheaded and swashbuckling military officer.

Coming on the heels of rife ethnic suspicion, real and perceived injustices done to the region of which they too partly were a trigger albeit innocently.

But regrettably, they cannot be talked out of what appeared to be a suicidal mindset by well meaning Nigerians which include Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka to mention a few.

Because despite the contagious enthusiasm of winning there is, however, an overwhelming proof that the goal was based on hunches and not backed by evident preparations and availability of necessary firepower.

The resultant war was a classical example of unequal oppositions ranged against one another and its outcome reveals exactly the same.

In recent times also, there were resources based ethnic agitations in the South-South region of the country which was a culmination of over five decades of activism against environmental degradations as a result of oil exploration activities.

Though it was at a time exacerbated with the killing of the Ogoni nine by the Abacha regime but later was doused by the presidential amnesty of late president Umar Yaradua.

Today the trouble is resurgent through proliferation of ethnic militias whose modus operandi is economic sabotage through wanton destruction of oil and gas pipelines which has negatively impacted the nation's economy.

In the midst also, secession has been touted as an agenda too.
In more recent time also there is a value laden conflict Up North spearheaded by the Boko Haram. A sect which ostensibly is averse to anything culturally West.

Yet they are making good use of technological and scientific advances champion by the West in their dastardly operations.

And as at today there is an on-going military campaign to put an end to the malaise couched with secessionist agenda.

It is on record that the Boko Haram sect is trying to create an Islamic Emirate and had even hoisted their flag in some of the places they have captured.

But the military has so far been able to significantly decimate them and force them into a fast retreat.

But the war is not over yet!

From the foregoings it is clear that almost every region and tribe in the country has given it something to worry about since its consummation in 1960.

The North with its traveling and growing colonies of beggars which have continue to constitute nuisance on major towns and cities nationwide.

Irresponsible child bearing and its corollary Almajeri evil.

Rampant religious crises with its heavy human and material collateral destruction.

And a large population of illiterates unhelp ever by the few thieving and self serving Northern elites.

The Yorubas with their bloated ego as the most educated people in the country. Always going about with hubris air of intellectual superiority and putting everybody down at the slightest opportunity.

And our Igbo friends, give it to them. .. educated, enterprising, industrious, well travelled and still traveling.

But just like the rest can never be absolve of complicities which have led to real and perceived anomalies seen in the system.

They gave us the civil war. But today a section is bitterly complaining of the evil Boko Haram activities have taken its toll on our already depleted commonwealth.

But chooses to be silent on their equally confrontational and distracting ethnic agitations through instruments such as IPOB and MASSOB amongst others.

One more thing, they remain as yet the trojan horses of the Nigerian market place taken everybody for a ride with their rapacious profiteering tendencies on top largely fake articles of trade stockpile in their mammoth warehouses scattered all over the nooks and crannies of the country.

Almost everybody can remember how their iconic and diligent daughter,  late Prof. Dora Akunyuli, the former NAFDAC Boss fought her own on the established fact that they were behind fake and expired pharmaceutical products imported into the country.

And this is just one of the many summary disservices they are doing this nation they deem crawling and stifling of their of inate ingenuity.

What is more, they even sent hire killers on her trail.

The saving grace was that they did not succeed.

Having said that it is then worrisome to note their overly Jeremiad raising the roof at every formal and informal forums.

They cried and lament over so many things which they detailed as evils the Nigerian nation has done them.

It includes but not limited to political marginalization, calculated restrictions in the marketplace, killings targeted against their stock especially in the North concluding agonizingly inter alia that the Ndi Igbo is the most hated race in Nigeria.

And endangered specie who endanger no one.

What do they do?

They organize forums where they commune together lamenting their woes and wailing like a people on forced exile and dreaming of going back to their lost home.

But nothing can be further from the truth than this hasty self justifying conclusions if juxtaposed with the realities of their socio-political and commercial activities within the Nigerian space.

In spite of these weighty evidences of being just another clog like the rest in wheel of Nigerian progress; they would insist no one points it out to them nor demand from them a change of attitudes.

They are right and others wrong on all issues bothering on Nigeria's pitiable situation domestically and internationally.

That is where lies their most undoing and for which they are constantly crossed with others.

And until their is a change nothing definitely would change in their political fortune especially.

And no fora lamentations would solve it. None!

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