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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Poetry: Futofukusu Ode.

Nigerian Soldiers clearing the Sambisa forest in the North-East of  Nigeria.

I love and respect the Nigerian troops,
For many are their heroism attained and victory scoops;

I know their virtues and their valor,
As such I bring them this consecrational
I know also that they can achieved anything except impossibilities;
When I remember their gallantries putting down wars and hostilities;

At home in Biafra; and Liberia and Sierra Leone abroad;
How someday I love to come courageously on board;

But my efforts later would prove too little too late;
Of course that's what's when you get hesitant with as noble a date;

Sworn an oath to defend Nigeria's flag and constitution;
Protect its people and territory even with the poorest of remuneration;

And that's exactly what they have done down the years;
Never known to exhibit the slightest of reluctance and fears;

Their blood and bodily members are become regular sacrificial offering;
To this insatiable Moloch of National peace and unity zen no dithering;

Today, they walk the heavily mined frontline of Sambisa forest;
Where thousands upon thousands Boko Haram demons are fortressed;

Its "Lafia Dole"  or nothing they have vowed;
And how swiftly they have broken up a monstrous enemy with arms and  munitions bought, stolen or borrowed;

Who reeled under ceaseless battering from the air and the land;
Decimated into weak and scattered fragmented cells of a kind;

Resorting to throwing resurgent stabs at soft targets with suicide bombers;
And pockets of ambushes that cost priceless armies in painful few numbers;

But high still is their morale in the theatre of war
Boots on ground, firepower in the air, Boko Haram are nearing their terminal fall;

Behold the Nigerian troops march resilient and strong and above the tatter;
Putting a shout to the morale boosting tune- 'Ahoy Ahoy' victory ascerta;

While many may sing praises of other institutions of state and civil men
As equal assets in the glorious service of fatherland's firm;

But I should say nothing nothing's like unto the military career and aye;
Peopled by gallant men and women willing to lay down their lives,  hey,

So you and I can have peaceful existence day or night;
And its neither for the fame nor fortune; nor wrong nor right;

Here is my song, the military ever is the most honourable calling;
And here is my sweetest appeal, Nigerian military a distinct brand; standing tall and never crawling.

                                            ***  Dedicated to Nigerian Army for their success in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgents.

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