Poetry: A Memorial Sermon

Once more, our sincere condolences
To Nigerians, the Nigeria Medical Association;
And the Adadevohs at home
And abroad. May the interval widens
Between this painful death and another;
And let for whom the bell shall tolls next
Be the very old ones, our prayers!
Beloveds, we are all here gathered to celebrate
And not to mourn the life and time
Our dearly beloved deceased. Who,
Shall we briefly go down memory lane,
Was a medical trojan, patriot, and life mummer per excellence;
Audition in absentia by fate;
By the tragic playwright, Patrick Sawyer.
In what was a beautifully scripted piece
From downtown Monrovia, Liberia.
A quarantined carrier secretly escaped!
Tendentiously billed for therapeutic premiere in Lagos, Nigeria.
So your death has a diplomatic touch, Ameyo!
Diplomatic complicity, breach of ECOWAS protocol.


Monrovia, Liberia in the throes of Ebola pandemic!
Global readiness challenged; attention focused. Aids flooded in.
Medic sans frontier in protective jackets everywhere.
Infected citizens Liberian came in droves.
Quarantines, Medical personnels, and facilities overwhelmed.
Diplomatic missions lost their immunity.
Examine every sick for symptoms; for different strains.
Hope rising? Cure not in sight yet.
A Liberian diplomat diagnosed infested, quarantined.
But manage to escape for lack of trust in the system.


Kings' way Medical Centre, Lagos.
The escapee diplomat walked in;
His medical condition concealed.
And the goals was two:
Partly hopeful of cure;
Partly with deliberate intentions to infect others;
And trigger national emergency alert.


Doctored by our unsuspecting, and very professional Ameyo.
Seeing through the wilful deceptive smokescreen
Of a diplomat patient from the pit of hell.
Promptly alerted the authorities. A call to action
To which their was a massive national response.
But she was already infected,
And so became Nigerian first Ebola tragic heroine.

The lesson:
Death is a debt;
And when the drawer would come it would come.
But we take solace in the fact that our sister
Died a honorable death in the service of humanity.
And she was gallant too.
May her gentle soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.


. For Ameyo Adadevoh

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