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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Opinion: Shehu Barau Ningi: A lightning out of the Dark

In a country where the political class is notorious for hanging on to officialdom by any available means possible.whether it is reasoned or not.

A syndrome frequently refers to as sit-tightism by various commentators on African nay Nigerian political affairs.

A peep into Nigeria history no doubt would supply ample examples to illustrate
this sordid norm.

And when it has become almost too convenient to generalize on all of the many condemnable social-political and economic ills bedevilling it; a rare type to the contrary suddenly came through.

Lest the introductory narrative get rather proverbial and the point missed.

I think I should go straight into the crux of the write up.

On the 22nd of December, 2016,  a certain Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi, the now former commissioner of budget and economic planning in Bauchi state shockingly resigned from his position.

Citing amongst others,

1) The marginalization of his person and by extension his office,

2) The exclusion of the Ningi emirate constituency from the recently awarded series of roads contracts in the state, and

3) The sidelining of his supporters who were instrumental to the emergence of Alhaji Muhammed Abdulahi the governor during the last election.

4) He also accused the governor of being the mastermind of the present intra-party crises currently rocking the ruling party in the state, the APC.

And ending it all on a warning note that if things are not reversed in time the party might fall to shock defeat in the next elections.

While these are mere allegations and weighty awaiting substantiation in the coming days.
I am certainly not here to serve as his gratuitous mouthpiece because that is not my responsibility as a social critic.

I am simply commenting on just another political development which is of special interest to me and perhaps any other perceptible analyst because it throws up some moral indices grossly lacking in our national body polity.

So I would want to stick to my define role and nothing more.

Having said that, my primary interest in this case goes beyond the series of allegations he leveled against the governor both in his resignation letter and the subsequent press release to that effect.

Nor the political interplays which led to it.

Neither is it about who is right or wrong.

It nestled,  however, on his courageous ability to honorably resign his position instead of continuing to pad the already bad situation as alluded to in his resignation letter like the mainstream Nigerian politicians would do ordinarily.

Or alternatively wait untill a bad situation becomes worse untill given the boot by the state chief executive.

Though it might look like this opinion piece is covertly being used to praise a man I scarcely know beyond the said news reportage.

While I affirmed unequivocally that the contrary is the case.

I nevertheless would still mark him for some word of deserving eulogy; and my reasons are quite simple.

Alhaji Ningi, inter alia, has successfully given the lie to the widespread notion which even this writer equally held that Nigerian politicians will never resign from their exalted political positions appointive or elective.

For the reasons of political visibility and the pecuniary pecks that comes with such offices.

Though his types come in short supply in today's Nigeria where stomach infrastructure now ranked higher than physical infrastructure.

With this singular action, Barau Ningi has not only proved many people wrong; he has actually warm himself into the good book of many Nigerians who are unrepentantly skeptical of their leaders being capable of exemplary and bold decisions such as this.

I doubt if he would be proved wrong at the end of the day on some his assertions but I want to give him kudos for having the courage to call it quit with a system that he believed is working at variance with his values, expectations, good judgements and constituency.

So he is eminently qualified to be characterized as a political rare breed.

And an icon of moral integrity and political fidelity worthy of emulation by the upcoming youths of this country.

A lightning out of the dark! May his tribe increases!
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