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Poetry: Lines composed shortly after the demise of Nigerian literary icon, Chinua Achebe

..... Universal resolution master stroke served: The abolitionists’ armor frigates scrambled Hoisting their sails in the waters of imperial Union Jack; The primary altruistic charge was intercepting merchant ships Laden of human merchandise bound for the new world; Swift tactics changed the imperatives …

Opinion: Where is 'Baba Nee'?

Guess he needs no introduction!
Well, if you're still lost as to whom I'm talking about here.
Let me do a brief introduction.
Baba Nee is, back in the day, the hip-hop artiste who had a prolonged battle with 9ice, the Gongo Aso crooner, over copyright issues in some of the songs that appeared…

How to Find and Use Ideas

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘ideas rule the world’ more times than you can count.
If this is not a reality with you, it’s most likely you live in some caves underground.
For if you live on this earth, you’d have seen the glory of ideas light up our world per second like moonlight in the nigh…

Opinion: Neymar steps out of Messi's Shadow?

Although long before the historic champion’s league night of March 8, 2017, there is only one god at the Camp Nou, and that god is indisputably Lionel Messi.
A football god who week in week out effortlessly discharges his professional duty artistic, supportive role and goal scoring by the generous t…

Opinion: The North Is The Reason Nigerian Education Is Backward!

It’s no longer news that global competitiveness rating of Nigerian universities has plummeted of recent.
The latest of such exercises revealed that no Nigerian university is anywhere near the first 500 top universities in the world.
But like some kind of consolation, the only Nigerian university on t…

Opinion: Now that President Buhari is Back, What Next for Death Wishers?

Precisely on Jan 19, 2017,President Muhammadu Buhari wrote to the National assembly notifying it of his intentions to embark on a two weeks medical vacation abroad.
The third since assuming office on August 29, 2015
after his historic electoral victory over the incumbent, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan…

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