How to Find and Use Ideas

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘ideas rule the world’ more times than you can count.

If this is not a reality with you, it’s most likely you live in some caves underground.

For if you live on this earth, you’d have seen the glory of ideas light up our world per second like moonlight in the nightly skyline

Am I being rude? Of course not, at least, not deliberately.

Now don’t take my word for it. I’m only

But frankly speaking, everything that’s and will be is a by-product of ideas once held in the mind of men; from your slippers to the flying machine.

Then, ideas must be precious and expensive.

Appealing as that thought is, the contrary I can confirm is the truth.

The thing is ideas are cheap and exist everywhere in space and time; and you have to believe me.

The only expensive part, however, to holding an idea is that of EXECUTION.

Despite the staggering evidence all around us both in time past and today, I’ll shock you by saying that the greater number of ideas that have ever been generated are never put to any good use.

It’s either they die as paper tigers or remain dormant in the minds of those who conceive them.

Evidently, countless number of people had died and many more will still die with great ideas, and that I sincerely think is tragic.

This I believe must have trigger panic in some of you. 

Now I’ll insist you don’t worry at all because it won’t help your cause one bit. It never does.

One question that I strongly feel will forever gnaw at the entrails of your evolving lives is ‘are you going to die with your ideas or put differently your dreams,’ unfulfilled? 

My answer to that is a resounding No.

And if you wish you can always achieve your dreams. No matter how frighteningly lofty

It’s only a question how much you want it.

To help you, I’ve thought through some methods not just on how to find great ideas but put them to use them and gainfully too.

Which bring us to the question, what is the nature of an idea? 

                                                                                                                                                                     1) Idea is a mental picture of solution or innovation to the existing problem(s) or solution(s)
       2) Idea occurs in a flash.
       3)Idea is flighty
I      4)Idea is deceptive
      5)Idea is a like seed that has unlimited potentials for growth.  
I     6)Idea is like a young hummingbird that will fly out of sight once it feathered.

The ancient philosopher, Socrates, definitely knew this and he admonishes us ‘To always endeavor to tether the young bird of idea to a stake or else sooner they grow wings and fly away’.
 By implication, the basic import of this is to track and record our thoughts on the go by keeping a    notepad or by any device we find most convenient.
  For me, the traditional tools of pen and paper still do it for me any day.  
  But don’t get it twisted; I’ve often submitted to the use of a mobile phone when circumstances demand.
  Consequently, I’ll conclude by saying ideas are everywhere and flighty.
  To own it, you must tie them down in writing. 
  Merely holding a mental kernel of it will always give you a regrettable slip.
  The four basic ways to find ideas:   
       Dig-it-up method:

This involves deliberately finding ideas in books and other forms of printed materials or sheer mental exercises.

Ø    Hand-me-down method:

This comes by way of the idea that falls on your laps through generous action of others based on your       insistent solicitations.
       Now, this is unethical. However, that does not make it any less of another way to finding an idea. 
       Ideas have been stolen in the past and will always be stolen in the future. 
       The only caveat is to be prepared for legal consequences if caught.  
       Outright purchase:

I     Ideas can be bought or sold in the free marketplace of ideas. There are people and corporations who have well developed and willing to part with them at a fee.

Testing your ideas:

This is one important if not the most important stage in idea generation and profitability.

It’s equally the most dreadful because it takes a gamut of resources time, money, consistency, sacrifices etc.

It’s like a roaring hungry lion that threatens to devour us. But right inside its belly, it bears the treasure. Run for it and you are flimflammed.  

Be sure, however, it’s an endurance fight or race if you like.

And if you have not read of Thomas Edison and his electric wizardry now is the time to get your hand on it.

You know what, it teaches many fundamental principles about bringing ideas to profitable fruition.

But at the core of it and quite pertinent to our discussion is that you must be prepared to sustainably put your ideas to tests and more tests until you are satisfied the outcome will impact humanity positively.

Putting your idea to use.

There are basically two ways to put an idea to use.

One, an idea can be freely used both in writing and discussion to engage others with a view to getting more out of their lives.

Two, an idea can be commoditized and taking to the marketplace as products and services.

Readying an idea for the marketplace means it must be taking through the test of fire of refinement and remolding.

How do I mean?

Let’s take for instance you have a story idea which you wish to put in the public domain.

You must first of all determine in which format it should appear.

And the options available to you include Drama, Novel (short or long) and poetry.
Each format has its own peculiar characteristics that must be dealt with in detail by the aspiring writer.

As a writer, you’re gifted with a skill set which naturally disposes you to one or all of these.

Whichever you choose, it must be out of strong conviction that it’s the most suited to the mission parallel to the existence of the ability to pull it off.

Like you know story ideas can come from your own experiences or the experiences of others encountered in person or as told by third party narrators.

It can also be close to home or from abroad.

Finally, the thing is you will struggle as a Newbie but with time mastery will come through.

Nothing delights than seeing intangible ideas take tangible forms as product and services that change our world for good.

If you ask me, nothing gives me joy than words used to good effects both in speech and in writing especially.

As I welcome you to a new world of idea generation and utilization that promises career self fulfillment and human advancement. 

I say ‘may your road be rough’, in the word of Nigeria’s social crusader and Ecclesiastes Dr. Tai Solarin of blessed memory!    

Even if it makes you painfully squirmed in your genuine strides, you nevertheless will agree with him that the road to success is never smooth. 

Indeed, it’s long, tortuous and contoured.

Talk soon!


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