Opinion: Now that President Buhari is Back, What Next for Death Wishers?

Precisely on Jan 19, 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari wrote to the National assembly notifying it of his intentions to embark on a two weeks medical vacation abroad.

The third since assuming office on August 29, 2015
after his historic electoral victory over the incumbent, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

In the same letter, he transferred presidential powers to his vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo as required by the constitution.

Unlike in the past, however, when he had embarked on similar trips, he had returned as scheduled; but surprisingly this time around he more than overstayed if I may use that phrase.

Then two weeks become three and four respectively.

Quite expectedly, this caused not just a raise of eye-brows but simultaneously calls to question the nature of his ailment, his capacity to sustainably discharge the rigorous functions of his office as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria among others.

But no sooner than it became obvious that the president would not be making it back within the time specified, rumors of various kinds began to flood the many news channels around and the social media. particularly.

Though nothing by way of dependable facts surrounding his medical status came from the official quarters as has become a practice in the Nigerian political circle notorious for keeping the people, to who power belong, in the dark when something happens to person(s) to whom they have entrusted with power.

So, unconfirmed sources had it that he was sick to the point of death.

While others cruelly reported it that he had actually died in a dramatic fashion similar to that of late president Umaru Yaradua, a much-beloved man from the outpouring of grief that followed his death.

Aside those who still feel aggrieved by his electoral triumph and are implacably resolved to oppose him in whatever way possible.

At the core of the tragic hysteria of some months now was the harsh economic situation of the country which has almost turned the people into an insane mass that have condescended so low to giving expressions to all manners of speculations as death wishes for a leader they overwhelmingly voted into office.

In the midst of all of these, his media team had lamely recourse to routine debunk machine while rumors take flight and facts perpetually play the catch-up.

The people not knowing what to believe were completely lost in the avalanche of claim and counterclaims from those who dearly loved him and those who do not. Indeed, the chasm was so obvious.

While many had sufficient reasons, even if it is by merely filling the information gaps with hunches, to believe he would not make it back. Others have deemed it worthy to pray for his quick recovery and safe return to the country.

Concluding wisely that his death will be of no direct benefit to them after all like the Yorubas will say: " There is no way the dog will be divided that it meat would find its way into the Imam's pot".

A few upbeats while he was away.

There were visits by the acting president to the volatile south-south geopolitical region of the country where he met with both the leaders of thoughts from across political divides and the militants whose activities have actually crippled the crude oil output of the country.

A similar trip you will remember has on several occasions been put on hold after repeated threats of violence from the militants if the president should visit.

It has also led to a number of other gains for the administration.

There is the cessation of hostilities by the militant groups after the acting president fruitfully engaged them in dialogues which have led to Nigeria's crude oil output to peak significantly.

There was the dollar crash after an intervention by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) last week; though a move seen largely by economy watchers as not sustainable.

Somehow, there was palpable calmness of the storms raging across the country while the vice briefly acted as the president.

All these puts together have triggered a performance debate or argument over who is more suited to the office between the president and his charismatic and articulate vice, professor Yemi Osinbajo.

He returns!

Though not many believed the news report that the president will return Thursday, March 9, 2017, as contained in a press release to that effect by his media aides.

But that was what happened and there were jubilations in the camp of his well-wishers.

As for those who wish him dead or something, they can continue to wallow in disappointment and grief.

Of course many have started to speculate whether he should assume office straight off or take his time before jumping back into the ship of state as its feared captain.

While anybody and everybody are at the liberty to bring advice and suggestions to the table, it is, however, the exclusive right of Mr. President to determine what to do next.

In fact, he can choose to abdicate the office for his vice having proved himself capable while he was away or play more the role late Madiba played in South Africa.

While those who with frenzy peddled the rumors of your death might have smelt defeat by your shock return.

I want to seize this opportunity to wish you the best of luck, Mr. President, as we look forward to seeing you return to office as President and commander-in-chief of Nigerian Armed forces.  

The futility of this bad attitude is best captured by the Yoruba adage  which says “incessant yet are the death wishes for the elders, but the elders alone know the recipe for long life.”

That is to say, except the Lord wills it, a thousand death wishes can do a man no harm. Selah

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