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Poetry: Stopping by with you on a Nostalgic Midday

Perhaps in death, who would have thought we'll ever be apart!
But that is the way life sometime goes.
You push in one direction,
It pulls you in another.
You hunger for hopes,
It fills you with despair.
You stare defeat in the face,
It surprises you with a victory.
You thirst with impatience,
It calms you with waters of humility.
You promised twelve long months a-going,
It stops you dead in your track before the break of next day.

At midday, who would have thought we'll still be alive!
But that is the way life sometime goes.
Imagine the multitude of rainfall
That the earth has drunk up;
The multitude of burnt houses;
The multitude of houses with leaky roofs;
The many kidnapped for ransom;
The many killed for rituals.

Who would have thought you will be married and I would not.
You, who multitude of children
Daily welcome at the door with joyous sing-song
Of papa oyoyo, papa oyoyo till fades.
And I, in an empty home,
A sleepy lonesome bachelor with slimy spit
Running off my mouth at waking time.
Don't tell me it's all for my good
That our musician friend sings that rude advisory song.
When else you see him, tell him I'm looking for him.
He deserves some reprimanding. But the message sinks!

Who would have thought I'll be doing this, not even you!
But that is the way life sometime goes.
Today, I am renewed.
I am refocused.
I am fortified.
And you, I doubt if there is a building so tall
That you cannot climb. And a plank so thick
That you cannot smooth or chop to pieces.
But I trust your carpenter,
You dare not try for food the nails!

                                                For Akeem Adelola.

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