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How to Grasp the Meaning of Printed PageL Determining the Meaning of the Author.(2)

As a rule, there's always a core of thought or idea to every printed page.
And to understand that is the reader's first assignment unavoidably.
To accomplish this sacrosanct end, the reader must follow a particular order or techniques.

From the beginning, he must study carefully the selecti…

Nigerian Telecommunication Sector and the Rising Spates of Subscribers' Exploitation.

Tell me what it 's if not the height of “corporate irresponsibility, and unethical business practice" would make a company to advertise a set of products and services alongside explicit terms and conditions to guide its loyal customers towards making informed choices yet surreptitiously ke…

How to Grasp the Meaning of Printed Page ( I )

Anywhere in the world, the printed page whatever the subject matter is performed basically the same functions.
It informs, educates and entertains us.
It is clearly safe then to say it is a world of shared meanings between two important communities whose roles are nothing but complimentary.
Which com…

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