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How to grasp the Meaning of Printed Page: Study the selection to know its Thought-Groups (5)

In grasping the meaning of printed page, another important step the reader must take is in the direction of determining it thought-groups which are the souls of the printed page.
This is a primer, let me quickly do this to illustrate the important natures of the printed page.
In a way, just as cell…

How to grasp the meaning of Printed Page: Knowing when the Climax Comes (4)

In grasping the meaning of a printed page, there's yet another thing which contributes more to the reader's understanding and pleasure.
And that's the climax or simply climaxing.
What then is a climax?
In imaginative writing or speech delivery, the climax is the point when the writer's…

Poetry: He Walks In Glory.

He walks in glory like the sun, Sweeping the ward of universe with its light; And cannot be stopped; He walks in glory like the moon, Bright and beautiful always upon the night; He walks in glory like the breaking day, Tall and famous and cannot be undone; He walks in glory like the star, Shinning and whi…

How to Grasp the Meaning of Printed Page;: Determining the Dominant and Varying Emotions of the Author (3)

In today's post which by now I'm sure you all know is the third in the series; I'll be dwelling on how to determine the dominant and varying emotions of the author just as highlighted above.
OK. So, let's go straight into the nitty-gritty.
Authors, writers and poets like every one of …

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