Poetry: He Walks In Glory.

He walks in glory like the sun,
Sweeping the ward of universe with its light;
And cannot be stopped;
He walks in glory like the moon,
Bright and beautiful always upon the night;
He walks in glory like the breaking day,
Tall and famous and cannot be undone;
He walks in glory like the star,
Shinning and whizzing through the midnight sky.
He walks in glory like the expertly beaten gong,
Rumbling forth it mournful trill;
And cannot be gagged.

Let a thousand flowers sprout
Of 'who is who in the Pantheon
Of Yoruba traditional Bards'
To ever grace the stage?
Only a few names can contend
The top stop with him;
Only a few!

With a musical gift so rare,
Simplicity so enduring,
And a voice so mellifluous;
He took the stage by storm,
Pouring out his soul in the praises
Of Presidents and Kings and Chiefs alike;
And of the lowly nondescript,
Whoever comes whoever may.
To this end, he was indeed true to his craft
And to all was fair.

He walks in glory even to the very end;
And to this befitting day, he walks in glory.
Besides the colorful musical feather on his cap,
He had, as it so happened,
Another from his kingdom walk,
That we've come to cherish even more;
So, shall we all rise up on our feet!
That our mouths may speak all the fair orations;
But our hands may choose to give one

Of shrewd applause or generous offering.

*For Juju music legend Commander Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi as he turns 75

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