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How to Grasp the Meaning of Printed Page: Presenting a Memorized Selection before the Audience (8)

So you want to present a memorized selection before the audience?
Great, if yes!
You should, anyway, I must add because situations will demand for it.
Unavoidably, we're often called upon to re-narrate stuff like details of a newspaper article or a story we've read.
Here, certainly, the synops…

How to grasp the Meaning of Printed Page: Build a Background by a Study of the Author (7)

In almost all cases, every work of your favorite author represents part of his autobiography.
The works of a poet, for instance, reveal his personality and milestones in his professional trajectory.
Therefore, one of the dependable ways of grasping the meaning of a printed page is by building backg…

How to grasp the Meaning of Printed Page: Using the Imagination to Fill In the Gaps (6)

Representational photo.
In grasping the meaning of a printed page, another approach that works is the effective use of the reader's imagination.
But what is imagination?
Stripped of all technicalities, imagination is the ability to clearly visualize causes and effects relations surrounding an e…

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