How to Quit Your Odd Jobs, Chase Your Dream and Become Who You Really Should Be.

Hey, now don't get me wrong!

Menial or odd job, so to say, isn't something that I totally dislike.

But making a career out of it consciously or unconsciously is.

Come to think of it, we all someday hope to put up our dream dwellings and these are the guys who will turn the mortar, move the bricks and assist the masons.

They're quote on quote the five and six spanners of the dirty jobs and hardly get the hail.

I think we should also remind ourselves that there are a litany of other odd jobs both around the home and office which we simply cannot execute on our own without the help of these hands down the ladder at a fraction of the rates,

And so getting involved in processes so fundamental to our continued existence on planet earth, you might argue shouldn't be a bad idea altogether.

I didn't say so, and never will.

In fact in the journey of life, this is one sure stopover for a lot of ordinary folks including myself starting out fresh unsure where to go or for lack of bankable skills or when life roughly happens to us.

But one of the tricky parts is leaving it especially when a substantial adjustment has been gained.

Another is because the pay is daily it tends to appeal more to people because you don't seem to lack money.

Which is where lies the deceptive pitfalls many people aren't aware of until it's rather too late.

Once more let me say a big shout out to my guys who are honorably grinding out life in back streets and far-flung sites. You killed it!

Let me concretize this further with the story of my early life.

After high school, I'd my time at a gas station belonging to an in-law who unreservedly loved and wanted the best for me.

But I was should I say too young to realize this until the opportunity was gone.

I think I make a mess of that golden platform.

That's my humble confession which I'm not ashamed to publicly bare.

I moved on nevertheless, and guess where I found myself shortly: a brick making job among hobos not so proud to brag about what they do for a living.

I thought I've made the right decision but it turned out to be an illusion.

For several years, I labored junketing from one state to another wallowing in lamentations, misery, anguish, and indecision until the Barbershop come to fruition after many failed to take off attempt.

It was my first entrepreneurial experience, and one that comes with a lot of lessons too.

And you know the saddest part?

It failed after six or seven years thereabout!

I didn’t stop there though.

I immediately returned to the university.

And today, I'm doing something that I believe I was made to do naturally having repeatedly ignored the bold signpost in the past.

Though I hold it to be true that there's dignity in labor hard or not; but as regards the theme of this post, 'my take is to do your bits and move on.'

But in as much as many would love to the truth however is, they simply can't.
Instead, they overstay their welcome worse still.

And consequentially, they get overrun by a rush of untoward developments.

Until their life is literally wasted on drudge that neither give them fulfillment nor financial freedom they so much crave.

Like the Yoruba will say "when one delays on the wrong stuff, one stands the risk of been crashed into by more of the wrong stuff".

This shouldn’t be.


Of course, that's often the mouthed desire of many that I've met all my life.

Except that only a fraction of this number gets close to realizing it.

Agreed, there are pockets of wicked, even overbearing bosses everywhere you turn.

But none can stop you from achieving your incredibly lofty aims and objectives in life no matter how hard they might try without your consent.

And by consenting directly or indirectly I mean taking no action.

And here we're talking precisely of and about menial jobs which in all entireties I can't remember having disengagement package no matter how hard you worked, how long you stayed with the employer.

So why stay on?

The best many of the hard laboring guys that I know of have gotten from their employers were insulting and acrimonious departures.

No befitting farewell; No monetary rewards; no matter how token.

What more can be demoralizing for a laboring man than becoming prey of a system while he preys on nobody?

What I've discovered most time is people serve more time than required on jobs they seem not to like but endured.

They spend more time blaming others while the basics are left untouched.

And this is the root of their miseries and anguish.

In error, they stayed on because the jobs guaranteed some flexibility and the pay seems good in their estimations.

And every day they talk of the business owners as bereft of human feelings, exploitative and selfish.

As if they're getting nothing in return for their sweat as laborers, they speak in a sentimental tone that they are just working for their bosses who are seen as some kind of wretched slave drivers.

But I ask you if you're to swap roles now and you become the boss, won't the same thing be said about you?

Won't you boss people around in some ways too?

Would you close your eyes and allow people to mess up your business?

Would you pretend to be nice when there's no need to be?

In spite of all these, all hope is not lost for whosoever truly desire to move up the ladder of life; whosoever truly have the vision to pursue, run with.

Hitting the ground running?

From the example of my life, even as I concur that no two lives are the same; but our ability to promptly deal with the negative forces pulling our lives in one direction while we desire another is key to succeeding in our choosing career path going forward.

At this point, I’d stress that understanding spiritual dynamics to life is key and the individual peculiarity to it as well if things are to be taking care of from the onset.

The key word is being spiritually alert or ready. I cannot emphasize this enough that life is spiritual and it should be so treated.

We’re all products of some spiritual causes and effects as they were.

Battles have been and are continually being waged for and against us.

Let he who has ears let him hear. A word they say is enough for the wise.

Like our people would say ‘no good thing wishes you accomplish it’.

It’s all down to how much you wanted it.

"You might be familiar with the sing-song in the Nigeria music environment for instance where the bulk of musicians sing of and about becoming like Dangotes, Otedolas, and Adenugas of this world.

Forgetting the Yoruba saying that those who don't know the secret/recipe behind the successes of their contemporaries, stand the risk of dying running a needless rat race."

What is the right time to quit, one may ask?

And I'll say when the ovation is loudest!

And when is the ovation loudest?

In the prime of our youth when our energy level is still at the optimum!

When there is more latitude for experimenting with career options in order to know which get stuck at the end of the day.

And not when we've become both physically and mentally exhausted.

In no particular order, below is the strategic road map code name: 'running with your vision' to achieving your short or long term life goals.

Step 1: discover yourself

Believe me, this is one thing that's fundamental to the success stories of most people that I know of whether it's in business, entertainment, and sports.

Self-discovery entails knowing your endowments. Because like the bible says to some we give one talent, to others two and so on and so forth.

Doing so will help you to plan your life accordingly.

At least it'll give you a clue about where to concentrate your efforts instead of just throwing things around and hoping they stick.

Step 2: have a goal.

There’s an age long saying that he who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything.
So nothing defines life more than goals setting.

Some inspirational speakers have even said we should set achievable/realistic goals.

I guess what they are saying, in a nutshell, is we should set goals that take realistic cognizance of our abilities innate or acquired.

But before any goal can be tagged unachievable it must have been conclusively taken on without success.

We have seen in the past people setting out to achieve hitherto improbable things and others have called them foolhardy and other unprintable names.

But in the long run, they have brought them to fruition.

A case in point is the 'Wright brothers and the flying machine.'

That's for that.

For the purpose of this article, I recommend that you set goal in line with your talents and leave defining it to the critics.

Whatever it's called is a function of the shape of their mind.

And it's either they have a small or big mind.

Step 3: kill procrastination.

The perfect metaphor for procrastination is 'thief'.

And like the real-time thief anywhere he appears stealing and destruction is the rule.

So, the best a man with a dream can do it is to kill it at the slightest appearance.

Step 4: save

To begin any business venture fund is important.

And in this wise, a way must be devised to source for money.

One of the ways to source for a fund is saving. Another is borrowing.

I suggest you set aside a fraction of your earnings it doesn’t matter how small.

It would surprise you ‘how a trickle of water becomes a mighty ocean’ in no time.

Secondly, a fund can be sourced from friends and family to augment whatever you’re able to save yourself.

It’s safer like that because such monies are usually interest-free which helps your business in the long term.

What I‘d advise you avoid, however, is borrowing from financial institutions say the micro-finance banks so you don’t go a-sorrowing in the end like the bible admonishes.

The interest rate is not only killing; by the time you finish paying back, I can bet it nothing would be left for your business. It happens to many startups that I know at close quarters.

You know why?

Your business is new and it takes time for a new business to actually hit the ground running.

At most, it takes a minimum of six to one year of serious hard work.

And you know micro-finance institutions by their modus operandi won’t give you or your business that precious latitude. Repayment for all I know is immediate.

It’s not uncommon to hear from many that have run afoul of this narratives that monetary facilities from micro-finance banks have some kind of diabolical connections. Get the gist.  

Step 5: see the big picture.

While I know there are many who would prefer otherwise, starting small I need to emphasize is the way to go in business.

The big picture is the final destination regardless of what happens on the way up.

It doesn’t matter what people say of your vision.

It doesn’t matter also what they say of you.

Picture the chicks from the hatchery and how they slowly they transform into money-spinning cockerels and broilers. In the interval, there is an investment to be made in terms of time and nurturing.

Finally, in the big pictures, there is God.

If you don’t believe in him yet this is the perfect time to start.

Step 6: get some training.

All that we have said so far is nothing without it.

The knowledge of your industry is a sine qua non to your success.

But then it’s a question of percentage.

Fine, if you can afford to access hundred percent instructions/certifications as regards your industry.

If not make do with what you have and build slowly up.

It’s not even out of place to learn on the job from your employees. The thing is it takes a lot of humility to do so because it comes with disrespecting undertone.

It’s not also out of place to build on your natural endowments too.

Let assume you’re passionate about dressmaking, barbing, hairdressing and the like; it’s very possible to professionalize it in no time.

I personally don’t believe you can learn everything you need to power business to success in one fell swoop. Knowledge is not only incremental it’s a lifelong undertaking. So be ready and willing to learn new things.

Be that as it may, I’ll insist you get some know-how of your business area so you don’t play into the hands of mischievous journeymen/aides who might expose you to some degree of uncertainty should they take a walk without prior notices like they often do.

Step 7: show enthusiasm.

This is the high spirited disposition you show towards what you do even when things aren't just okay mid-stream.

It might be that the patronage/pay/income /turnover is meager at startup.

It might be that the situation is nervy and daunting.

It might even that a client is making an unrealistic demand on you.

And come rain or sunshine you must radiate self-motivation/morale that you are thereby informed choice and not merely by following the crowd.

It’s made more remarkable with the professional readiness to take on a new challenge with renew/unwaning vigor or deal with poorly executed jobs returned.

Step 8: show commitment.

Commitment is the avoidance of distractions that may arise to test/try your resolve to get a task completed according to schedule.

It’s the faithfulness you bring to bear on your career vis a vis your willingness to improve on what you do or aspire to do.

It’s equally the ability to take criticism from clients/supporters/patrons alike in good faith; work on your deficiencies in other to gain the necessary adjustment.

Step 9: Persevere.

It would not always be rosy on your way up.

To everything in life, there is a season. There is a fortune season and there's a misfortune season.

So the ability to weather the storm if things aren’t going according to plan is one attribute of all successful men and women.

And it’s one you must court if your hope/desire of becoming like your super duper business hero or star of the gridiron would be any fruitful.

Step 10: succeeding.

Success is relative because no one has it all.

To some, success is the participatory joy.

To another, it’s being healthy.

To others, it’s having plenty of money, cars, and properties.

To some it’s taking the ultimate prize; overtaking their arch-rivals in competitive engagements.

Whatever it is to you, you’re well within the mark.

To me, success is being able to do what you do with a relative degree of accuracy, being able to adequately provide for yourself, your family, support your friends and community where and when necessary.

In all of this money and character play a big role. That’s to say financial and moral successes are key to the overall definition of success.

In all you do folks get this at the back of your minds. Be fair to your clients, listen to people who criticize you constructively and appreciate you as your wishers, above all.

They are the primary reasons you’re doing what you do.

And finding innovative ways to satisfy their many needs is the one sure trigger for your own ultimate success especially in business.

Above all, be resolute to see through your plans even in the face of a deluge of diversionary calls that are bound to come your way.

See you at the top!

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