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How to Think Through a Challenge to Dependable Solution

"Thinking, says the book: Speech: A High School Course", starts with a problem; a difficulty that is felt."

Really, if there is anything for which humanity has consistently been called out since the morning of creation I can say with a fairly high degree of accuracy that it is '…

Opinion : On Whizkid being and dying a legend

No doubt being an entertainer in whatever genre and a raving one at that is no joke.
It comes primarily with a lot of killing pressures to satisfy the growing army of local and international admirers cum consumers.

It equally comes with the loss of privacy because both the media and the promoters a…

Lifestyle: Ready or not, these 6 things will happen to you

O yes! Life's a school; a devoted and pervasive one at that in which no one truly graduates and its classes go on and on until we're six feet under the ground.

It teaches its lessons too in a variety of ways.

Sometimes gently or subtly and sometimes hard.

Knowing this, however, doesn't …

How to develop ideas in writing or speech: The 9 important materials you needed to

As a writer or speaker, there's this natural tendency to write or speak about people, places, and events.

And that's cool.

After all, it's the people that shape events, history, develop and occupy places as it were.

But hey a writer or speaker who knows his worth should endeavor to writ…

Opinion: Behold Nigeria! In the light of their relentless proliferations: are your kings still kings and the inner linings of their crowns sacred

Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi (lll) Once upon a time, our kings were known to be kings indeed and the inner linings of their crowns sacred.

I am referring to the time when there are not many of them and when indeed their words were laws, and nobody dares steep in contempt their declarations.

I …

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