How to Think Through a Challenge to Dependable Solution

"Thinking, says the book: Speech: A High School Course", starts with a problem; a difficulty that is felt."

Really, if there is anything for which humanity has consistently been called out since the morning of creation I can say with a fairly high degree of accuracy that it is ' Thinking.'

Even at the individual level, it is pretty the same thing.

It is so because much of our advancements have been accomplished on the back of thorough thinking around many societal or existential challenges whether it is
in the field of natural or social science.

Therefore straight thinking is a skill worth having by everybody; more so because we are bound to be challenged every day of our life.

Among others, the challenge could manifest itself in the form a faulty car, an empty pocket, unemployment, sickness, unwanted pregnancy, barrenness, failure in examination or business, chronic single's life, rape, rejection, and loveless marriage.

 I can go on and on and on!

But which life, if I may ask, doesn't at some point in its evolution suffers one or two of these aforementioned challenges? None!

Where there is one even seemingly; it must be so categorized as a clear case of fraud.

For life without challenge just as living without prayers is fraudulent; a fallacy.

Don't get too excited, Pals, if today by some luck, magic or ingenious contrivances you are neither faced with any challenge nor are you praying to get by in life.

It is most probable they are piling up for you somewhere along the journey of life.

And you're bound to pick them up anyways as you stride on.

So brave it when it hits you any moment from now.

This goes to show that life is a constant battle for adjustment for the living.

'Therefore adjustment defined is what a man gained when he comes to himself."

The adjustment from disequilibrium to equilibrium; from discomfort to comfort.

Where there is no maladjustment as enumerated above then, an adjustment wouldn't necessarily be a topic here.

If for anything, it is because most challenges of life are largely unpredictable leaving us more often than not desperately exposed to all manners of equally contrary spirits. i.e. fears, anxiety, hypertension, low self-esteem, depression, and worst of all suicidal thoughts.

Before I go on, can we just ponder briefly these questions- I mean why problems, challenges or maladjustment at all?

The answer it must interest you lies in the fact that there is absolutely nothing in life without a purpose; a divine purpose; and that include problems or challenges as it were.

They spring up on our paths either as a test of our resolve and faith or as a filter for our becoming the very best that we can possibly be.

And the analogy still suffices here that:

"Then iron wouldn't be as tough as it comes without the true test of fire".

And the same applies to humankind. Can anyone call himself brave without been battle tried? God forbid!

So have you been grappling with some challenges and you are at a loss on how best to solve them, at least dependably; without allowing things get messier.

Now don't worry.

In a way, you are in the right company.

I'm a life coach? No, I'm not.

I'm just your regular passionate online guy who is always striving to help change the world in my own little ways in the pursuit of my 'philosophy of positively being and becoming by all'.

Many times over I've had and still have my own share of some of life's meltdowns and I didn't get overwhelmed by them. So if I'm not; I bet you can't too. All it takes is being attentive to some of the suggestion I'm about to offer here.

But before then, maybe I should share a story from my own personal experiential archive.

"Some ten or so years ago I face the first romantic rejection in my life. You know when you love a woman so much you want to go down the aisle with her. And then one day she hits you with a 'No' for an answer even when all signs had strongly indicated it’s a foregone conclusion.

Like every human, I was naturally gutted and forlorn. But my response has been that of calm assurance and perfect wisdom in the midst of this sudden romantic storm and tidal waves.

To her break up text message which reads "I can't marry you. God will provide you your own wife”. I replied, “thank God it's never too late to seek a newer world".

 Despite that confident air of positivism, It will interest you that those ten years down the line the anticipated newer world never really materialized neither for me nor her.

And today she has returned to the rejected stone where she ought to be in the first place".

In a scenario like this, some men with different level of maturity are known to have done drastic things either to themselves or the women in question because they lack what is needed at a time like this which is ignoring the lies that they are inadequate as men or women for some reasons.

Worse still, some of these reasons may not even be your making.
Creation for all I know is based on the principle of compensation. If you lose one thing; another will be given unto you as a replacement.

And if that which you've lost is divinely yours; it would definitely navigate back to you.

So, I got my justice. End of story."

Now shall we get down to business?

Thinking through a life challenge is pretty within the grasp of those who can excite their thing faculty. And that includes those who have ignorantly taken their own lives.

I mean if not ignorance, what can possibly explain a young chap who committed suicide because he failed his semester exam.

Or a woman who was sexually abused by a gang of morally depraved men resorting to killing herself or continued to wallow in feelings of inadequacy, and shame.

Agreed they needed help; and they could have gotten it.

Many have the world because they were deliberate about it.

Now to the list of my recipes for thinking through life’s challenges to a dependable solution:

1.  Identify the problem and knowing what the immediate and remote causes are.

Like I said earlier, life challenge can be any one of unemployment, disappointment in love or business, unwanted pregnancy and so on and so forth.

The key to starting out towards a solution is identifying what yours is and knowing what the causes are immediate or remote.

It could due to a lack of self-control in sexual matters as regards unwanted pregnancy. It could be due to lack of financial prudence, non-dedication to duty as regards why a business failed.

2. Reaching out or unburdening your heart to an ally, family, and friends.

You might want to talk to someone you feel would have a superiorly matured way of looking at things from among your allies, family, and friends.

After all, the problem shared is problem half solved.

3. Be open to the possibility of a solution.

Don't shut yourself out in disbelief, ignorance, self-pity, and grief.

You're not the first to be in such a situation and would not be the last.

It doesn't matter for how long you've been under the yoke of the problem.

Never shut yourself out to the possibility of a solution by lackadaisically resigning to fate confining yourself to seclusion.

4. Be ready to go the extra mile.

The lesson of the Biblical woman with twelve years issue of blood who brave the odds of the mammoth crowd surrounding our Lord Jesus Christ to get her healing by touching the hem of his robe cannot be over-referenced.

A few snippets of the narratives that were not told would be one or all of the following.

I personally believe she must have spent quite a fortune in the interval leading to encountering Christ from consulting with one physician or the other.

She must have been abandoned by some family members and friends.

She must have become a pariah in the women associations or circles.

But she got her healing anyways because she was always ready to go the extra mile.

You can't begin to imagine how many people today have surrendered when they were closest to the solution to some of the challenges confronting them.

They simply tired out when it was the least expected of them.

And how tragic!

5. Show determination even if people have made you subscribe to unworkable prescriptions some other time.

You know just as we have fake doctors so we have certified ones.

So it doesn't matter if you've lost monies to these horrible wretches; you just have to keep on trying; more so because just as we have lies so we have the truth.

6. Learn to be calm in the face of the storm sweeping through the ward of your life.

Avoid taking a rash and irrational decision.

Christ in God who speaks peace to the raging storm and tidal waters couple of millennium ago can still speak peace to your life or circumstances.

All you need is faith and being meticulous.

Don't resort to deathly escapism yet because you fail your semester exam, got separated from your wife or husband, ran into debt and the likes.

7. Do not resort to self-help.

In many instances, it has led to serious complications and even deaths avoidably. i.e. unwanted pregnancy is a good case in point.

That's, by the way, an illustrative example. Prevention here is better than a cure.

Talk to someone in the know who might be eager to help for free or for a token.

It is better that way than attempting to help yourself around something you knew practically nothing about.

8. Motivate yourself.

It is normal to feel depressed sometimes, but what is not normal is staying depressed.

So one of the best ways to handle depression is self-motivation.

Motivate yourself through positive thinking.

You can also motivate yourself by listening to soul lifting music and motivational speeches.

Tell yourself, you're not indomitable. Engage more in group activities.

Do more of out-dooring chores.

Devote yourself to helping others achieve their set goals.

I bet in no time you will gain morale as a by-product.

Above all,
****Don't give up yet; because you're closer to a dependable solution than you can imagine.

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