Lifestyle: Ready or not, these 6 things will happen to you

O yes! Life's a school; a devoted and pervasive one at that in which no one truly graduates and its classes go on and on until we're six feet under the ground.

It teaches its lessons too in a variety of ways.

Sometimes gently or subtly and sometimes hard.

Knowing this, however, doesn't presuppose that it will exempt any of us from some of its core teachings or courses as it were.

Nevertheless, I know we all want to stay in control of so many things; monitor our progress and if possible stay ahead of our class.

Like being successful and not being a never do well.

"And that reminds me of the quote by G. B SHAW which says:
There is no such person who can do what he likes when he likes it,  how he likes it or chooses not to do anything at all; and there will never be any such person."

One instructive fact behind this quote on life is such that nobody is really doing what he or she likes other than being an obedient organism consciously unconsciously obeying or responding to a number of molding stimuli life keeps throwing at us.

Then what are those six things that will almost certainly happen to us whether we consented or not?


From the moment we were born, this process becomes part and parcel of our make up.

This physical change is inevitable, continuous and unstoppable.

It requires no input from anybody except that it thrives on incitements from natural activities like eating, drinking and sleeping.

Let assume we don't even eat well the worst that could happen to is stunted growth.

But growth is growth, and nature has its way as usual.


Life as a cyclical continuum has in store for every living soul trials or what I can also call misfortune time.

The only variables are the magnitude and timeframe.

Usually, it will occur at an interval of ten years or thereabout.

But sometimes it varies.

Starting from ages 18-21 onward, everybody should expect his or her trials or misfortune time on a regular basis until old age if we're lucky to reach that milestone.

It strikes like a rush of wind sweeping the wards of our lives and it is less concern whether we are ready or not.

But the better prepared we're the more we're able to cope with all its questions minimizing the usual 'why me' that often characterize such occurrence in the life of many.


This is the reverse or obverse if you like of the above.

The one everybody fervently prays for.

Every living soul has got his date with its fortune time and it will surely come whether or not you are ready.

You might be working but you never can tell when your fortune time will come.

It could as well be your needed tonic or wind to mount up higher on the ladder of success like the eagle in flight does at the instance of a column of hot winds.

And yes, it could also be squandered leaving the concerned soul to wait for the next fortune


Laughter is an involuntary reaction common to the human being.

And it is contagious.

Even when you are a confirmed sadist, you still are susceptible to laughing when some situations simply urged you on.

But for the normal everyday human person laughing is inevitable.

It could be when you are watching comic stunts by your favorite actor/actress or stand up comedian performing on the theater stage.

It could also be because against all odds a thing of joy has happened in your life.


We all cry for joy at times.

But ready or not, when a sad occurrence takes place in and around us a normal human being responds with sorrowful tears.

Even the steeliest of men and women do.

#6) Death:

This is the inevitable physical end for all human being.

It has nothing to do with age, social, political and economic statuses.

The young and the old will die.

The rich and the poor too will die and it's not a question of if you are ready or not.

"So I leave you with these words from Mahatma Gandhi which says: Learn like you will live forever; live like you will die tomorrow."

So I submit.

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