Opinion : On Whizkid being and dying a legend

No doubt being an entertainer in whatever genre and a raving one at that is no joke.
It comes primarily with a lot of killing pressures to satisfy the growing army of local and international admirers cum consumers.

It equally comes with the loss of privacy because both the media and the promoters are constantly pushing.

The first for secrets, scandals, and the juicy entertainment news scoops.

And the promoters luring them as ever for shows and record deals.

One concert or the other is always on the card and the thought of canceling them is one many artistes always find difficult to swallow.

Besides disappointing their fans, there is also the financial loss that comes with scenarios like that.

I know this from experience. Besides the fact that I can hum a few notes with this voice of mine that's far from being mellifluous; I can also coax some tuneful notes from the guitar.

And if my childhood band had not tumbled into premature proscription moments to gaining its hopeful progressive autopilot from hitting the prophetic dead end, I would today have been swimming in fame and fortune sort of.

But that's not to be. After all what, if not exhaustion or dehydration would end those series of energetic performances that musicians churn out every other day.

That's why when the news has it that one of Nigeria's finest musical export, Whizkid, had canceled his forthcoming concerts citing health reasons I truly felt for him.

Though this is not the first time; it was the second time coming or thereabout. News sources also have it that he likewise canceled shows sometimes in 2016 on the same health ground.

And that certainly calls for concern if artiste of his caliber and age is beginning to cite health reasons for calling off shows.

It means that the industry as widely known is so consuming or demanding and that it has led to the rampant incidences of drug use by these artistes in order to keep up with soaring demands by their far-flung and intrusive fans.

We, therefore, will not forget the many negative impacts of their recourse to drugs and other illegal substances.

But that's not where I'm going.

But before I touch the really sore area for me, let me wish Whizkid a quick recovery and stronger return to the stage. I can sense the fans will sorely miss him from the un-abating outpouring of emotion and concerts at the news break that he was taking time off music in order to properly recuperate from an undisclosed ailment.

Like I hinted above, the part that really draws my attention in the press release (or was it tweets) is the one suggesting death and being a legend.

It really got me thinking. And I've repeatedly asked myself a number of questions.

God forbid, one being that I was hoping this is not a subtle hint at suicidal thoughts which would be calamitous both for the nation and the international community.

The other is that what really is the requirements for a person to be qualified to be called a legend?

And is Whizkid truly a legend?

And what gives him the conviction that he is?

Is he just psyching us up?

In all of these, I personally think he is just pathologically exaggerating his self worth as a musician.

In his obsession with self on ascension, he let lose self-control and throws himself up for ridicule in trying to rub shoulders with the gods and goddess in the musical pantheon.

And in all our sincere devotion to his greatness yet unfolding he must be restrained at all cost.

While I don't see him die any time soon; I strongly believe with facts and figure at my disposal that Whizkid is not a legend yet. In fact not any soon.

But he has the potentials to be and I hope he will.

My point is if he is a legend as he claims then what is King Sunny Ade, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Bob Marley, Victor Olaiya of this world.

I think Whizkid should sit down and concentrate more on growing his career and not play up deathly pranks so he can swindle us into buying his overarching legendary goof.

He should forget about his sell-out concerts; his cars; his mansion(s); his women or baby mamas if you wish; he is not the first from Nigeria to achieve such. So many have and I won't waste my time here naming names but the records are there.

I don't see anyone becoming a legend doing anything for a decade or less.

Whizkid can become a legend as he truly wishes or predicted and he has the years ahead to achieve that milestone in his musical sojourn.

The time begins now and he is on the right track.

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