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Opinion: Has Nigeria still got football talents?

Magical Jay Jay Okocha on the ball Over the years, the number of Nigerian footballers in Europe’s top flight has drastically reduced. Especially with the curtain drawn on the careers of all the golden generation of the 90s, those who managed to come through the ranks and appear to be on their way t…

Issue: On The Politics of Being Religious

Rev. Father Mattew Kukah, a religious icon in Nigeria
Nigeria definitely is not the country with the most religions in the world. The honor I’m aware belongs to India. It must be acknowledged, however, that it boasts a sizable number too. 

If I'm correct, the Yoruba nation alone has more than 20…

Issue:Lagos to Minna by Rail: The Good, The Bad, The ugly.

Headquarter of Nigerian Railway Corporation
I had my first travel on steel wheels in the late eighties as a teenager from Abeokuta to Lagos when I think Nigeria hasn’t lost all of her innocence. It was during one of those long holidays back then. And I could remember the trip was memorably glitches…

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