Faith Series: The most acceptable form of worship before God as Christians

Worship is an integral part of Christian faith and indeed every religion on the surface of the earth. In fact, our Christian walk is not complete without it.

Worship takes different forms.

As we’re often encouraged by the scriptures and the anointed servants of God, it among others includes attending a bible believing church, giving thanks in everything and every day more than our requests are, confessing and asking for forgiveness of our sins as we forgive those that trespass against us (after all, the Bible likens our righteousness to a filthy rag) glorifying his name at every opportunity, singing his praise in the sanctuary with all kinds of musical instruments, witnessing for him among the believers and unbelievers alike, and obeying the laws and statutes of God.

What a long and intimidating list that was!

Nevertheless, they’re by no means impossible to attain as faithful ones of God who strengthens and empowers us through his son Christ Jesus to accomplish every good work which he has assigned to us under the sun.

Like I said, every single one of them is important. However, one is more important than the rest functioning though not in isolation but as an embodiment of all.

Before I hit on what that worship form is, let me quickly highlight one anomaly thing that’s common among some Christians in this generation and with particular reference to Nigeria.

And this has to do with the restrictive or selective nature of our worships.

Worship from what can be seen around us has become so synonymous with that which happens in and around the church premises alone.

There’s this perceptible air of holiness among worshippers when in the church that seems to disappear immediately they stepped out into the street, the marketplaces and political spaces.

It’s not uncommon to see Christians visibly coming from the church curse and use swearwords with reckless abandon when they’re offended while in traffic or in other forms of existential engagements.

It doesn’t end there.

Many have been seen engaging in street-level brawls amid verbal pyrotechnics that if (J) is removed from Jesu, the Yoruba translation of Jesus, what’s left is ESU. And ESU for the benefit of the non-Yoruba speaker means devil.

This goes to show how some Christians easily alternate between the two different parallel divides of good and bad. That’s scary.

From that illustration, it’s clear that some Christians are unable to maintain their holy worships attitudes beyond the church premises. And that’s a challenge.

What then is the most acceptable form of worship before God?

The most acceptable form of worship before God is ‘showing brotherly love and doing goods to all men.’ Hebrews13 vs. 2-3

It’s a gross spiritual mistake that some of us could imagine that worship starts and ends with anything and everything we do in the church because right there and then we’re in his holy presence and must be seen to be gentle, humble and generous among other virtues before the throne.

Whereas worship actually begins when we go out of the church and into the world where we’re mostly required to put up our best worships attitudes to his glory and honor.

This is because God expects us to be the best we can as the worthy ambassador of the word and worship everywhere we go.

More so, God must be seen to shine through us with the abundant gifts of the spirit and laws whose anchor is LOVE.

God is love as exemplified through his son Christ Jesus who died for our sins on the cross so that we might have life and have it in abundance. He became poor so that we can be rich. He was homeless so we can shelter over our heads. He was hungry so we can eat the best there are of the earth and be full. He was thirsty so we will thirst no more.

The best worship is not all that we do in the church if we’re unable to replicate same both in private and public doing our best to demonstrate brotherly love and doing goods to all men whether they’re Gentiles, Greeks, Jews, Fulani, Itshekiri or Izon.

And just as Christ Jesus said, the moment we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, give water to the thirsty, lift the fallen and trodden down, we’ve done them to him.

Those clearly are the greatest worship attitudes and attributes anybody can possess. Perhaps many have forgotten that our God neither eat nor drink no matter how sumptuous the meal is. Thanks are all that he asks of us.

A good worship attitude should enable us to stay above all forms of deceptive pressure especially in the marketplaces and political spaces where it’s common knowledge many Christians now emulate non-Christians in keeping different measuring standards, importing and selling of substandard goods and services, breaking their oaths of office and illegally profiting from supplies meant for the disadvantaged like the displaces and homeless among us comprising mostly of the vulnerable groups such as women and children. Hebrews13:5

In our case, the good ends which God has promised us must not and cannot be justified by any kinds of means. Only Godly means are acceptable.

So while we sing with the soulful of voices and dance with most skillful of dance steps, pay our tithes, gives befitting love, freewill and vow offerings to the Lord in the sanctuaries built for him; we must know it doesn’t end there because the entire world is, in fact, his sanctuary where he demands the very best of worship from us.

The more we worship him in truth and spirit, the happier he becomes with us.

May God increase us in wisdom and understanding to continue to worship him with brotherly love and doing goods to all men even if nobody seems to see us or can stop us because of our exalted positions! Hebrews 13:16

We must endeavor to live in the knowledge that God sees the most hidden things and will reward every of our inappropriate worship attitudes in due time. 

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