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These inventive Nigerians: who gets over the moon about them?

File photo: Mr. Andy Acka and his invented mini jeep.  It’s no gain say that Nigerians old or young are a never say die people, even though, it’s not without occasional fraudulent twists to it.
Over the years and against all odds, they have continued to break out in different directions and in diffe…

Love tango and s*xual favouritism

This image is only representational 
I’m definitely going to be up in arms here against some categories of people/professionals whom I consider as hiding under the guise of feminism yet sometimes blinded to what the issues are and continue to function as gender biased marriage counselors.
The last t…

A True Story: ASHAWO

*This picture is for representational purpose.
Not long ago, I was a guest of an old friend who recently moved to a new apartment. The house was new and in a new neighborhood too. The fence was low with security wire neatly installed on top. 

When it was nightfall, the guest room got intolerably hot…

How to add custom about page in blogger

Blogger is a Google plus centric platform for publishers and comes completely free.

And by default, it links to your Google plus account/profile and rendered in the footer area of the index page of your blog.
Not many publishers liked this, but they’re limited in terms of customization options avail…

Inspire Series: Be anxious for nothing

*Bukky Shonibare, Girl Child Activist. Source Bella Naija.
Itwas another beautiful day in the life of the world packed with a lot of exciting activities. The weather, as usual, was dry, wind starved and the sun blazing hot. But we were ensconced and comforted by the cool, calm and breezy well-lit a…

Issue: Danger of cultural exclusivity in a multi-cultural society like Nigeria

The Iconic EYO masquerades from Lagos.

Culture has been defined as the ways of life of a people. It is dynamic, defining and a complex whole which must be continually examined and mutually shared to be meaningfully appreciated.

It is also of note that language which is equally defined as a ‘system …

Issue: Towards energy security in Nigeria

Power grid, source: power, work, and housing website

Long before now, the typical consumers in Nigeria's power sector can be likened to a family who regularly goes out to eat at the eatery next door.

And to make their outing worthwhile, they must bring along their own plates, spoons, forks and …

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