Poetry: Pregnant, again!

Ten years have elapsed, but gifted her a baby boy;
Through the streetwise scoundrel next door;
A hurting smoldering old flame he was;
Who wasn’t interested in marriage, at least not in her;
Because he already had a preferred choice;
Nevertheless, he was highly motivated
To get his own pound of flesh; as the story goes,
She once dated him back then as a teenager;
Dumped him and boastfully rubbed it in his face:
“How she was deliberately wicked to him”;
He would not forget the hurting humiliation;
He would not forgive the searing scorn;
Men rarely do!
Like a black Kamo, experienced and foxy,
He patiently waited on the wing
For sure openings to pounce;
He knew she would forget
How she once wronged him;
Like they use to say,
The one who defecates in the wrong place could forget;
But never the one who does the LAWMA’s job;
He knew the foolishness of Esau, for karma,
Will overwhelmed her watery wisdom,
Blotted her vision;
That’s exactly what happened, Fait accompli;
And he had his sweet revenge on her;
She did not suffer the pain, the shame alone;
The poor boy share of its fullness thereof;
For seven years, she agonized and cursed her star;
Whose fault it’s not;
But choices she made or unmade;
She prayed and hoped on a second chance to amends;
Yet it’s more like much is lost and nothing is gained;
For she had more than a second chance;
Only that they will neither stay nor will the joy last;
But hey, she remains a woman and wily;
Convinced she would have her way
By the crooked will;
But somewhere in the mix was another man
Whom she brusquely dumped too texted;
He has since moved on with courage and conviction;
Solemnly said to himself:
“It’s never too late to seek a newer world”;
Holding no grudges,
He remained a friend of the family;
Occasionally helping out where and when he could;
What about the rich, handsome and savvy banker
Who left her with a worthless ring and a certificate;
Dissolution need is hanging waiting to be processed;
What about the many bodies shaken to the music
Of her sexual generosity in false nuptial tete-a-tete;
Wandering back and forth disconsolate and lonely;
Holding a cupful of just rewards
In a world she created for herself
Like a dog to his vomits,
She crawled back to the gate
Of the man she trashed with a text message;
A man of many battles circled;
A man with many wars besieged;
But she was helpless and desperate for a quick fix;
And voices of caution she would not heed;
She knew he was poor and struggling;
She knew he was a shuttling squatter;
Who slept wherever the night catches up with him;
Yet, his perspectives remain as before
Fair and brutally frank;
He remains ever like the war foretold
By which the lame shall not perish;
But it’s got to be the wise lame;
Maybe one day,
He would become rich and famous;
And maybe not;
But he was willing to try for the distance;
Holding to wondrous tidings
Spoken by the mouth of prophets;
Faithfully waiting on his covenant keeping maker;
Now, breaking all mutual talks and agreements;
She contrived to keep a disputed pregnancy;
Through multitudes of sentiments and cajoling;
Through tearful threats
Of farewell to their kindled love;
Claiming her son is almost seven
And deserving a sibling;
When he insisted its abortion or nothing,
She flew into a surprise fit of rage;
She threw an unexpected snobbish jibe;
Likening him to the proverbial Oko Ikun;
And it’s all her fault
Her precious groundnuts are destined for ruins;
Forgetting it’s just like she once foolishly sown Okra
On the land belonging to the reindeer;
Marring all favorable dispositions to act otherwise;
If care is not taken,
It is certain where her next bitchy seed of maize
Will be sown; of course, on the Mother hen’s farm;
And we shall see who she would blame then?

Glossary of non-English words: 

*Kamo is a Russian historical character notoriously known for infiltration and sabotage.  

*Oko Ikun is a Yoruba expression which is used as part of a proverbial stack literally meaning a place of wasted efforts. 

*LAWMA, on the other hand, is an acronym for Lagos State Waste Management Authority
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