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Inspired Series: If Only I Knew ...

Admitted, I was first and foremost a student of the literary school. The signs of brilliance in that respect were there in those formative years of my life.

I regularly win prizes in literature when I was in junior high school especially. And it has a competitive twist as well. Nobody beats me to it…

Of religious doctrine, the law and marriage

In addition to the regular service, I was privileged also to partake on Sunday, May 19, 2019, of the doctrinal class of my church. It is the first of its kinds since I started attending the church.

However, it was the most difficult Sunday for me. I came to the service on the heel of completing a t…

Kano Emirate’s Split in good or bad faith?

It is no longer news that the Kano State Governor Umar Ganduje has through a new law passed by the state House of Assembly split the Kano emirate into five.

For the record, in addition to the old, Kano emirate, the newly created emirates are Gaya, Rano, Karaye, and Bichi respectively.
And according t…

14 Things I dislike About the Most Nigerian Single Mothers

Recently I was going through Facebook, and I stumbled on a post with a pictured couple.

The man in the said post was a young African dude; while the woman, on the other hand, is an older white lady.

Ordinarily, I shouldn't be bothered because things like these have been long coming.

Besides, it…

How Some Nigerian Employers Indirectly Promote Slavery In Their Workplaces

If there is anything that impudently stares Nigeria and Nigerians in the face these days, it is the fact that jobs, good jobs, I mean to say, are hard to come by.

As if that's not enough, even those who have decided to manage whatever their hand can find are indirectly being short-changed by th…

Ugbo land as the cradle of Yoruba civilization: A mere stunt.

*Oba Akinruntan unveiling a Moremi statue. From all oral accounts, two ancient towns occupy a place of pride whenever Yoruba civilization takes the center stage. The first is Ile-Ife; while the second is Oyo.
Those are the places where the cultural and traditional persona of the Yoruba take its shap…

How more inclusive can Nigeria democracy becomes?

A system or an arrangement, be it social, economic, cultural, or political, name it; can be adjudged inclusive if it takes into consideration the interests of the majority of the people who are supposed to be the end beneficiaries.
A person or group of persons is deemed to be inclusive if they’re c…

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