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How to fix the Glo network inability to access Blogger blog

As bloggers, we all know in addition to writing great contents, it's also of equal importance, you put them out there hoping they get in the face of the readers whose blog cravings you want to satisfy.

Now imagine after working your arse off creating and sharing those awesome contents, some dodgy network bugs now stand in the way of your potential readers forcing them to bounce from either your blog or their preferred pages. That sucks, you know!

This is exactly what many bloggers on Google platform are going through, especially, those who have enabled a custom template/domain.

While many are aware and have done something about it, many are not aware. I belong in the latter category.

Although I've been blogging for over three years now, it may surprise you I didn’t know my blog was going through such until recently when I purchased a Glo.SIM to have a feel of their much-vaunted data feast. All this while, I’ve been using another network.

There’s nowhere I didn’t position the Wi-Fi dongle in my apartment it wasn’t just connecting. The experience wasn’t funny at all.

Then, it dawns on me what many Glo subscribers who earnestly want to read my blog posts have been going through.

I immediately swing into action. But trying to wrap my head around the problem almost made me go bald because some of the suggested fixes didn’t just cut it. I downloaded the Surfeasy's VPN and also tried the Cloudflare routes to no avail.

But like Yoruba people will say, 'what I was seeking in Sokoto is right inside the pockets of my Sokoto'. But I didn’t know. 

Perhaps, you're lost. Some play on words there which literally means the solution to my challenge/problem is within me yet I had covered needless distances and went through needless hassles.

"Sokoto, a state in northern Nigeria is used here as a metaphor for the needless distances and hassles we go through every day to get some things done whereas the solution is at home (Sokoto) where we left off."

Now let me quickly round off. If you're in a similar ditch like I've been for years, now the simple trick to fix it is here.

1.     Head straight to your blog, hit the setting/basic button on the left dropdown menu in your blogger post pages. See screenshot below.

2.     Click on the HTTPS links and switch them to ‘Yes’. See it enabled on my blog in the screenshot above too. 

3.     When you're done, look up above the https links explicitly where your third-party domain is and you will see a field with edit and redirect links. Click on the edit link and tick the empty field down there, hit save and you're done. Also, see the screenshot below.

Note, however, that this method will work provided your domain registrar allowed a redirect on their DNS.

Finally, all Glo subscribers can now surf easy to and from my blog pages. What a relief that should be!

If you find the tutorial useful, you can share your thought in the comment section below. I appreciate you all for reading.

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