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Re-purposing Sports for Sustainable end to Unemployment and Poverty in Nigeria

Sunday Akin Dare, Nigeria's current minister of youths and sports

Leading to the 2015 presidential election, the change agenda of president Muhammadu Buhari's campaign encompassed security, economy and employment.

And you can say it again that the thematic tripod was more than apt because …

Why Nigeria's Security Organizations will continue to suffer a decline in operational efficiency

It would not be entirely out of place for anybody living in today's Nigeria to say that almost all the security establishments in the country are suffering from one form of operant dysfunction or the other.

It would not also be proper to blame the self-slighting decay that is as perceptible as…

Impending Electricity Tariff increase and the question of corresponding improved service delivery

File photo: Power grid, Source Pulse Ng.

More than enough has already been said concerning the important roles of energy in the economic development of any nation. So I will not bore you with rambling details of the connections between the two.
On the other hand, Nigeria's power sector can bes…

Obiwanne Okeke's Arrest and prosecution for fraud is a proof of just one thing

Obiwanne Okeke

It is no longer news that Nigerian born, Obiwanne Okeke was arrested in the United State on fraud charges totalling $11 million.

Before now like many of his ilk, he has been living the fake life of an entrepreneur without anybody suspecting anything.

He probably must have been a gen…

Ministerial inauguration and the fate of next level agenda of the Buhari Administration

Barely three months after he was sworn in, President Muhammadu Buhari today August 21, 2019, inaugurated forty three former minister designates into his cabinet as substantive ministers and ministers of states respectively.

Recalled that it took the president close to six months or thereabout befo…

Dead to Shame no matter how little: the children of noon called IPOB

Ekweremadu being Rough-handled by alleged IPOB's renegades.

Children are a gift from God. They are also a joy from heaven descended to earth for which deserving parents and well-wishers are eternally thankful.

And when they are properly raised, some level of decorum and regard for their parent…

Re: Sowore, Alaafin Aole and Murder In Wukari

As I flipped through the pages of Daily Asset Newspaper of Wednesday, August 14, 2091, I stumbled on an opinion piece written by Festus Adedayo, and titled: Sowore, Alaafin Aole and Murder in Wukari. And it is the first of its kind from him that I’ve read, I must confess.

It took me a while to com…

The killing of Nigerians: National Association of Nigerians Students squaring up to South-Africa government with an ultimatum

You can say it again that these definitely are not the best of times between Nigeria and South Africa.
Threatening the several decades of cordial relations that cut across diplomatic, cultural, educational, and more importantly economic are the reported deaths of Nigerians in their numbers either…

Kemi Olufunto Badenoch’s Childhood Experience and the alleged Misrepresentation of the Nigerian Reality

Image credit: Instagram

Not too long ago, the President of the United State of America, Donald J. Trump described Nigeria as a country of amazing people doing amazing things. Is he saying anything new? Certainly not!
Again that cannot be another political masterstroke from the usually ascorbic and …

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